The World’s Biggest Indie Video Game Museum is Closing Next Month

November 2016 marks the end of The Indie Game Revolution’s two year residency at the EMP in Seattle.

Industry innovators and groundbreaking video games finally had a place to be celebrated inside Seattle’s Indie Game Revolution, a museum exhibition that chronicles the legacy of indie projects that have boldly left their marks on the gaming industry.

Stationed inside Seattle’s Experience Music Project (EMP) Museum the Indie Game Revolution’s mission objective is simple: to get games into the hands of players of any age and skill level.


The massive exhibit is decorated with over 3000 cubes, meant to “transport visitors into a pixelated world of wonder and play.” 20 games are available to experience at any given time, utilizing 360 and PS4 controllers, mouse and keyboard setups, and even old school-inspired arcade cabinets. Console bias goes out the window in the Indie Game Revolution, where history and quality are more important than brand allegiance.

Games like Axiom Verge, Fast Racing Neo, Her Story, and Hyper Light Drifter have all been playable in the exhibit, and countless others are featured in video reels that discuss over 40 years of gaming innovation.


Most of our visit was spent playing Tenya Wanya Teens, a completely absurd party game dreamed up by the madman behind Katamari Damacy. It’s a fast paced competitive 2 player game where each player must react to bizarre on screen prompts like urinals and nose bleeds by pressing buttons that are constantly changing colours on the arcade-style control deck.


Gaming is taken more seriously with every passing year – catching up financially and culturally to media giants like film and music – and a museum dedicated to the industry is a massive step towards maturing.

Sponsored by Nintendo, the museum entrance contains a beautiful mural that hearkens back to the original Super Mario Bros.:
indie game revolution mario.jpg

…And it also provides one of the best photo ops in the entire museum:

The Indie Game Revolution’s residency at the EMP will be ending later this year, but you still have time to fast travel over to Seattle and check out this incredible ode to video game culture.

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