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Take a Hard Look at Anti-Social Media With Bossie – “A Lot Like Love”


Facebook has been a part of our collective, digital conscience for well over a decade now. Let that sink in. Ten years ago you were uploading pixelated webcam photos and proving how cultured you were by using mid-2000s alt rock lyrics for status updates. Don’t deny it, dude, we all remember when you quoted “Beverly Hills.”

Well it seems things are coming full circle, with Facebook now creeping its way into song lyrics instead of the other way around. Enter Bossie, the Canadian pop band that’s reflecting on social media and all its anti-social tendencies in their latest track, “A Lot Like Love.”

In the track, Bossie sings atop dreamy, space-pop jams about the role the internet has had in shaping her adult relationships and feeding anxieties about connecting with people.

Bossie, whose secret identity is Anne Douris, tells Stereogum, “I want to be optimistic and believe that we’re all more connected than ever — we can keep every friend we’ve ever made by typing in their name — but I also kind of feel lonelier than ever.”

She’s got a point. Whether we care to admit it, Facebook and similar applications have tilted the concept of friendships towards something more quantitative than qualitative. I often catch myself measuring personal successes by the amount of likes and reactions their online announcements get. I hate it, but I can’t be the only one who does that.

Are the ever-present reminders and updates that keep us up to speed with one another the same things holding us back from scheduling real life meetups? Bossie poses her own similar questions through lyrics like, “How will I know to feel a sentiment/ Without a chance to first forget/ How Can I miss what never really left”

Give the track a listen in the player below. Then be sure to quote some lyrics in your status update for old times’ sake:

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