Is Cars 3 Taking a Darker Turn?!

The Cars series has become a bit of a joke for Pixar, but can they actually tune this clunker up?

Cars 2 is infamous for breaking Pixar’s streak of near flawless flicks, becoming a punchline in and of itself. While Pixar still makes some of the best animated movies today, their unbroken track record is sadly a thing of the past. With subpar movies like Brave and The Good Dinosaur under their belt, it all followed after Cars 2, a movie seemingly made more for its marketing appeal than genuine storytelling. So after the second film in the series has aped on the spy action genre, what wacky genre do we have in store for Cars 3? A samurai movie? Cars in space?

Oh. Well that’s not what we expected at all.

Is it possible that Pixar is taking the Cars 2 criticism to heart, this time gearing up to deliver a more emotional and impactful story? It certainly seems that way based on the tonally gritty and dramatic teaser, a huge departure from the series’ established mood. After all, this is the same Pixar that managed to make audiences cry only ten minutes into Up. Perhaps this another case of the animation juggernaut aiming to tug at the heartstrings of children who’ve grown up with the Cars series, much like Toy Story 3 accomplished for children of the 90’s?

Time will tell just how serious this next installment in the series aims to be, but if Pixar is treating it as their recompense for Cars 2, then this is surprisingly something we need to keep our eyes on. As the teaser states, everything will change in July 2017.

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