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Vote in the Good Game Awards 2016 – GGA Nominations

If there’s one thing we here at Button Masher Media love more than gaming, it’s talking about our favourite games with our friends. That’s why we’re reaching out to you, our community and readers, to help us vote on the best game (and other arbitrary categories) of the 2016.

The idea is simple. Cast a vote for a game in the categories below and on December 29th, we’ll announce via a special podcast episode the winners of each category. If the game you think deserves to win is not listed, write to us on Facebook or in the comment section which game you’re voting for and we’ll count that in the tallies.

Without further ado, here are this year’s categories and nominees:

Video games can be storytellers, they can take us to far away worlds on grand adventures or hit us with personal emotional tales. These are the games that did it best.

It’s easy to have a sequel build on a game, but this award is for the games that went above and beyond with their innovative development of their series.


In a year completely full of anticipated sequels,  these stellar new ideas still managed to find their way into our hearts.



We live in an age of remasters and remakes, and this award goes to the most satisfying one, whether that means the best upgrades, or simply the one we were happiest to revisit.


2016 was finally the time virtual reality truly took the stage, and here’s to the most impressive virtual reality headset that landed on our skulls this year.


Sometimes games come out and just can’t live up to the expectations of our #gethype culture. This year, that seemed to happen a lot.

Whether it’s team-based, taking place in the past or future, first or third-person, this year we’ve seen more diverse, fun shooters than ever.

Because some games deserve to be told how beautiful and rad they are. This isn’t just about nerd stuff like resolution or the frame rate, this is about style dammit.


In our futuristic 2016 world, there’s just no time to play games at home, we’ve got places to go and things to do! Luckily, these games kept us company while we were out and about.

There’s nothing like exploring a mysterious new land, marveling over an expertly crafted city, or just running around a gorgeous and creative world, and these games nailed it.

Maybe one day they’ll crack the code. But not this year.

2016 felt like an alternate timeline with so many games seeing the light of day after years of development. These are the games we’re just glad we could finally play.

The very best 2016 has to offer, GG everyone.

Polls close on December 23rd so be sure to cast your vote before then. Results go live in podcast and written form December 29th.

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