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Ariana Grande Is Final Fantasy’s Newest Hero

American pop star Ariana Grande is slated to appear as a playable character in the free-to-play mobile game, Final Fantasy:  Brave Exvius, Polygon reports.

The 23 year old singer will don her signature latex bunny outfit from the cover of 2016’s Dangerous Woman, this time to slay monsters inhabiting the world of Final Fantasy. The artist shared a sneak peek at the pixel art version of herself created for the game:


The series has a history with pop stars, what with Final Fantasy X-2‘s J-pop influenced trio and 2016’s Final Fantasy XV’s protagonists affectionately being referred to as a boy band by fans (#brodtrip2016). Alongside her pixelized self, a remixed version of her track “Touch It” will appear in game.

“What sort of endeavors will she take on in the world of Brave Exvius, you will have to  play during the event to find out,” producer Hiroki Fujimoto announced over video. The update including the dangerous woman herself has no official date yet, but Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available now for free in North America.

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