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SISTERSHOW: Toronto’s Favourite Sister Duo Unite in Comedy Webseries

Raina and Anne Douris’ sisterhood is equal parts heart warming and head scratching. That’s what makes it the perfect relationship to go under the microscope in the web comedy, Sistershow.

Sistershow is an upcoming webseries by Last Frame Pictures that unites sisters Raina and Anne Douris in a series of fictional escapades rooted in their real world relationship. Canadian music enthusiasts might be familiar with the works of the Douris sisters: Raina, the eldest, is a prolific Toronto based radio host on CBC Radio 2, while Anne, the youngest, is a seasoned visual artist and director who also fronts the pop band BOSSIE.




Until now, their works have been mostly independent of one another, with the occasional social media interaction being the only public look into their bizarre, Kelsey-Grammer-fueled rapport. But Sistershow will mark the first major project that gets the Douris sisters in the same room and in centre frame. Be prepared, Kelsey.

“It’s a goofy show. If you watched the teaser, there’s a lot of computer game / media supernatural stuff,” Anne tells Button Masher. “But the show itself will also take a look at being a female in media – Raina in broadcasting, myself in music.”


In the first teaser, Raina convinces Anne to put work prep aside in favour of revisiting the PC gem, Sims.

 “Come play Sims. We’re gonna get you a boyfriend.”

Minutes later, when things go awry, Raina conveniently forgets whose idea it was to boot up Sims in the first place.

“You shouldn’t have let us play the game! What’s wrong with you? Jesus, Anne!” 

Ah, blaming the younger sibling. It’s a tale as old as time, and the Douris sisters tell it well. Check out the teaser embedded below, and follow Anne, Raina, and Last Frame for more on Sistershow when it debuts later this year.



Words by Corey van den Hoogenband

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