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New Assassin’s Creed Set in Egypt?


After a year in hiatus, Assassin’s Creed is coming back.

With Assassin’s Creed: Unity causing controversy releasing in an almost unfinished state, followed by lackluster sales from its follow-up, Syndication, Ubisoft made the wise decision to hold back on the series last year. In an effort to reinvigorate the former yearly released franchise, this next Assassin’s Creed is spending a little more time in the oven. Hopefully to fine tune it to perfection.

It’s hard to tell what news to believe about the next installment, with numerous supposed leaks and rumours. The biggest theme however seems to be placing this new game in an ancient Egyptian setting. Said to be titled Assassin’s Creed: Origins (though this may just be a codename), this game may explore the founding of the assassin’s guild, with a larger emphasis on narrative this time around.

Other rumours about the game include a more primitive set of tools, such as an early version of the signature hidden blade, along with seamless naval exploration, and deeper customization options. In fact, some of these “leaks” are so well detailed that it’s left many theorizing that this is intentionally revealed information from Ubisoft themselves.

And now the publisher has finally officially broken their silence, tweeting and emaling out teases for the new game. With text reading “Make History” and “A New Era Begins”, accompanied by a golden assassin logo, the official unveilment is being teased for E3. While not explicit, it’s certainly possible with these new official images to make connections to the Egyptian rumours.

While nothing is certain, we’ll definitely be seeing more Assassin’s Creed as E3 approaches. Will the rumours of an Egyptian Assassin’s Creed hold true? And can Ubisoft bring the series back to glory with this new installment? We’re hopeful that this short hiatus will be enough to steer the series back on track.

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