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Top 5 Biggest Games Missing from E3 2017

To some, this year’s E3 was a bit of a disappointment from the lack of big game announcements. While there are many, these are just five of the biggest games we expected to see this year that still remain a mystery.



It was 2012 that LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule announced they were working on a new game at Gamescom. 5 years, multiple teasers, and an indefinitely delayed beta later, we’re still waiting for Dreams. At this point the delays and lack of concrete information have fans worried it’s stuck in troubled development, or at worst cancelled. We now find ourselves worrying if Dreams was ever only that, just a dream.

Batman Arkham Sequel


After countless rumours and supposed leaks, we’re still left without answers to what both Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Montreal are working on. At this point there’s been evidence of a game featuring the Suicide Squad, Superman, as well as both prequels and sequels in the Batman Arkham series. We’ve now broken the two year cycle between releases of the series, making us question what exactly we can expect from The Dark Knight’s return.

Sucker Punch’s game


It’s now been three years since Sucker Punch’s last game, Infamous Second Son. And though it’s expected that they’re working on a completely original title, the complete lack of information has left us in the dark for yet another E3. Around this time last year, rumours had pinned Sucker Punch as the developer of PlayStation’s Spider-Man game, before the reveal that it was actually Insomniac Games. While skipping out on last year’s E3 was surprising enough, their no-show this year is utterly confusing.

FromSoftware’s game


Despite revealing that they were working on three new games last year, we’ve yet to see any of them so far. FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki has said that we should expect a dark fantasy game, a mech game, and something wholly original and weird. While the first two have been assumed to be sequels to their Bloodborne and Armored Core series respectively, the third is said to be completely unexpected. What’s even more unexpected however, is not getting a glimpse of any of them this E3.



Rumours of a sci-fi space exploration RPG titled Starfield were in a frenzy before Bethesda’s E3 showing, with many assuming it would be their biggest showpiece. Taking a third spot in the Elder Scrolls/Fallout development cycle, its appearance in Bethesda’s presentation was majorly hinted at with its space themed video. And then… it wasn’t. So what gives? Were the rumours false? It seems we only have more ports of Skyrim to look foward to from Bethesda now.

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