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Top 5 Batman Comics that Should Be Adapted for the Movie

The Batman DCEU movie is in trouble. Here’s five ways they can fix it.

With new director Matt Reeves starting the movie from scratch, and now rumours of Ben Affleck wishing to depart from the character, things aren’t looking good for Batman’s first solo movie in the new cinematic universe. Fortunately, Reeves has over 75 years of comic history to take inspiration from for his take on the Caped Crusader, and here are just 5 that we’d love to see on the big screen.

5 Court of Owls

Despite being the newest comic arc on this list, its inclusion is a testament to the Court of Owls’ arrival into the Batman mythos. The story sees Batman tracking down a shadowy organization rumoured to be the hidden driving force behind Gotham City’s shadiest dealings, including the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents.

An adaptation of this event would be a solid introduction for fan favourite Nightwing, who plays a prominent role in the story. It would also serve for a more intimate look into Batman’s psyche as the Court slowly wears him down in their battle for Gotham. After his battle with Superman, it would be interesting to see Batman battle against a more cerebral foe. Speaking of which…

4 The Cult

Like Court of Owls, The Cult sets Batman up against an entire organization out to control Gotham. Lead by Deacon Blackfire, an army made of homeless people rise up from beneath the streets to capture Batman. In his absense, the city slowly succumbs to their chaotic revolution, while Batman himself is left to endure Blackfire’s hypnotic torture.  With both Gotham and himself left beaten and broken, Batman must overcome his own limits to save the city.

Even more than Court of Owls, The Cult sees Batman at possibly his lowest point. It’s also the most grounded story of the bunch, without any ties to the larger Batman mythos that might be a bit much for his first solo movie in this new universe. The themes of revolution from the lower class are also always poignant, and would be an interesting way to ground Batman in reality.

3 Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

On the complete opposite spectrum is Arkham Asylum, which showcases a number of Batman’s infamous rogue’s gallery, from the familiar Two-Face to the more unknown Maxie Zeus. The plot itself is much like the Arkham Asylum game, with Batman locked inside the infamous madhouse with his greatest foes, and ultimately discovering he’s just as unhinged as them.

The book reads like Silent Hill meets Batman, with grotesque depictions of villains that delve straight into the twisted psyche of this world. Though this comic is certainly the weirdest entry in the list, it would definitely deliver a uniquely dark take for a Batman film that we’d love to see.

2 Hush

Batman: Hush has a little bit of everything you’d want from a Dark Knight comic. Batman battles against a number of old and new foes, ignites his famous romance with Catwoman, offers some unexpected details from his childhood days, and explores his relationship with the deceased Robin, Jason Todd.

Batman’s search for the mysterious masked Hush figure is so grand, he even comes toe-to-toe once again with a mind controlled Superman, a perfect opportunity for a round 2 in the DCEU. Of course, while the Hush storyline is a powerful one that firmly establishes the villain as a key part of Bruce’s history, it’s overshadowed by the even more intriguing mystery it sets up for Jason Todd…

1 Under the Hood

The Under the Hood storyline follows Batman’s antics with Hush and introduces a newer, more dangerous foe, The Red Hood. Eventually revealed to be a resurrected Jason Todd, Red Hood takes Batman’s methods to the extreme, killing criminals instead. In the end, Batman must not only stop him, but come to terms with the ward he let be mercilously killed by the Joker.

While already one of the best DC animated movies, Under the Hood is one of the most impactful and emotional Batman stories. Dealing with themes of guilt and morality, it delves into Batman’s no-killing code and finally asks the question every fan has at some point, “Why doesn’t Batman kill the Joker?” We’ve got high hopes for this one, not only because it’s one of Batman’s most important stories, but the DCEU has already dropped massive hints towards Joker killing the former Robin. The groundwork is already in place, and now it’s time for the Red Hood to make his film debut.

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