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Rick and Morty Fans are Turning on… Rick and Morty Fans

First fan war, huh?

With Rick and Morty’s third season almost wrapped up now, its internet popularity has hit a fever pitch. You can’t turn your head on Facebook or Reddit without seeing a Pickle Rick reference or catching a stray “Wubba lubba dub dub”. But as with every fandom on the internet, some people might be taking the joke a little too far.

While most of its audience enjoys taking the show for what it is, there’s been a noticeable rise in the number of fans latching on to some of the show’s more “intellectual” elements….

Taken from

With posts like these now topping some of Reddit’s cringe-humour subreddits (like this infamous one here), it seems there’s now a bit of a schism in the Rick and Morty fandom. Fans of the show have now begun to ask the question: are fans ruining the show?

And that’s without mentioning the criticisms aimed at the more… abstract side of the fandom. Some have even begun using Rick and Morty itself to make fun of more eccentric parts of the community:

Yeah, that about sums it up.

So is this awkward online fanaticism merely the latest trend, or does the internet truly ruin everything? And with Rick and Morty known for its self deprecating and meta-style comedy, it will be interesting to see if the fandom actually ends up referenced in the future.

Fortunately we’ve only got two more episodes lined up this season before the show goes back into production for another decade, so its fans will have only have to put up with each other a short while longer.

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