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5 Non-Horror Games to Play This Halloween Season

So you want to get in that spooky Halloween mood this October, but you’re also kind of a baby who’s scared of real frights huh?

Well video games have got you covered. Halloween doesn’t have to go hand-in-hand with pure terror, and these 5 awesome games capture that autumn spirit with chills at a minimum. So you can sit back in a comfy sweater, watch the leaves turn colours, and have some good old wholesome fun this October.

Night in the Woods


Night in the Woods isn’t your typical Halloween game. Its creepy critters are adorable, and its frights are existential. When Mae returns to her sleepy town of Hollow Springs as a college dropout, she discovers her old life might have moved on without her. The game sets the tone perfectly as leaves flutter through the city, Halloween approaches, and tensions rise. Night in the Woods isn’t all anxious young adult drama however, and things take a spooky (but not too spooky) turn as Mae unveils the dark mysteries of her once familiar town.

Costume Quest


Sure it may play like baby’s first RPG, but what Costume Quest lacks in gameplay complexity, it makes up for in Halloween spirit. Taking place on the night of Halloween, you play as a costumed sibling of your choice who must battle a horde of monsters to save your family before curfew. If it sounds like the plot of a seasonal cartoon, don’t worry, because they’re totally turning it into one. But developer Double Fine injects their familiar brand of hilarious charm, ensuring Costume Quest remains fun and engaging for all ages.



After some time with Bloodborne you’ll be left screaming, and not because it’s scary. Aside from its intense and satisfying combat, Bloodborne’s best aspect is its horror-themed environment and atmosphere. The world is full of monsters ranging from werewolves to unspeakable Lovecraftian abominations, and it’s your job to hunt them down. It’s tough but fair, and its homages to all aspects of the horror genre in its own twisted style make every encounter a memorable one.



Castlevania is Bloodborne before there was a Bloodborne. All the classic horror enemies and locales, only stylishly retro. And that really fits the nostalgic feelings of Halloween better anyway. Gruelingly challenging and with wildly out of date controls, Castlevania still encapsulates that Halloween horror aesthetic without the scares. Zombies, vampires, even Frankenstein’s monster, Castlevania feels like running through a costume store with a whip. Only y’know, way harder.

Luigi’s Mansion


Luigi’s first solo debut game, and it still leaves an unforgettable impression. Exploring a labyrinthine haunted mansion (or multiple mansions in the sequel, Dark Moon) and sucking up ghosts is a huge departure for the Mario series, but Luigi nails it. Packed full of memorably hilarious ghosts and fun puzzle-solving, Luigi’s Mansion is perhaps the closest Nintendo may ever come to making a full-blown horror game. And while it’s light on actual scares, its spooky ambience and Ghostbusters-esque gameplay make Luigi’s Mansion a Halloween necessity. Mario may have every other year of the month, but October is Luigi’s time to shine.


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