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3 Reasons Why Nintendo Needs to Stop Making 3DS Games

It’s time to stop.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the 3DS. I’ve made a lot of fond memories playing some of the best Nintendo games ever released on the little guy. But all good things must come to an end, and the 3DS is no exception.

It’s Getting Confusing

At this point with so many variants of the 3DS, I have to do homework before I actually buy a game. Will it run on my original 3DS? Is it better on the *New* 3DS? Will it “really” run on the original 3DS or is this another Hyrule Warrriors Legends situation? Can I just play it on the 2DS or is the 3D imperative?

Has science gone too far?

Wait I mean *New* 2DS. No wait, I mean *New* 2DS XL? This madness has to end! There is a line, and we have crossed it.

It’s Way Outdated

The original 3DS was released over six years ago, and it’s really starting to show. While I noted that there have been numerous hardware revisions, most 3DS games still need to run on the original model, and that’s seriously hurting the potential of the games.

Jaggier than the caves of SR388

The severely outdated 240p display and lack of power under the hood means we’re still getting treated to much worse looking games than even the PlayStation Vita was capable of when it was released six years ago as well. The only difference is, Sony knew when to let the Vita go.

Some games are even able to modded into playable HD formats, and they look great! Now if only there were some new Nintendo handheld capable of such display…


It’s Hurting the Switch

When it was announced that the Switch would double as both a handheld and home console, it felt like the perfect next step. Finally, Nintendo’s long history of portable and home game divisions would be united under one huge Switch lineup!

Except the 3DS kept getting games. Well alright, I guess they had a few more in the chamber, soon enough the Switch will fully replace it… But they didn’t stop coming. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, Metroid: Samus Returns, Mario Party: The Top 100, more and more perfectly viable Switch games are still coming exclusively to the 3DS while the Switch gets… Snipperclips DLC?

Note: Snipperclips is actually great

This is a call to action. Nintendo, if you’re listening out there, it’s time to put the 3DS to bed. It had a great run, but give the Switch its time to shine. Or else we might be looking at another Wii U situation.



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