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5 Nintendo Labo Games We Absolutely Need to Play

Nintendo Labo may be intended for kids, but that’s no reason we can’t get the return of some old school Nintendo games out of it.



For years Nintendo fans have been asking for the return of the F-Zero series. Due to Shigeru Miyamoto’s stance on the series’s lack of innovation, (though that doesn’t stop them from pumping out Kirby games every year) we haven’t seen Captain Falcon outside of Smash Bros. for over a decade.

Now with Nintendo Labo, we might have finally found the innovation needed to bring the Captain and his Blue Falcon out of retirement. In fact, screw Captain Falcon, we get to pilot our own F-Zero now and we can paint it any colour we want!

Donkey Konga


For far too long, Nintendo has held back the jungle rhythm. But with the return of goofy controller peripherals  – now able to take any shape imaginable –  it’s time to get those apes groovin’ again! But how is this possible, you might be asking?

Cardboard. Bongos. Nintendo’s already shown a sophisticated looking piano comprised of cardboard using Labo technology, but what could be more mindlessly fun than banging on a couple of cardboard bongos?… Well no, actually that piano did look much cooler. Speaking of which…

Mario Paint


No other time in history has Mario Paint been so ready for a comeback. With Nintendo now selling us actual arts and crafts to interact with their games, Mario Paint is the perfect companion. The potential for a new generation of Mario Paint through Nintendo Labo is endless, but even more exciting is the return of the music generator.

Custom Mario Paint tunes have been popular online for decades, from remaking classic Nintendo jingles to perfect renditions of  Through the Fire and Flames. Now with an actual physical mini piano at our hands, making custom music would be way more intuitive, and way more fun. And I truly do want to hear Despacito comprised entirely out of Yoshi grunts.

Super Mario Sunshine/Splatoon


Mario may have traveled the world and explored far off galaxies, but he left behind one very important little buddy. The Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device, affectionately known as FLUDD, and it’s about time he gets back out there in the sunshine.

When this backpack-looking Nintendo Labo creation was revealed, there was only one thought on everyone’s mind – We’ve just GOT to get out there and clean up this vile world again! And if that idea fails, just switch the clean button to reverse, and we’ve got ourselves a new Splatoon game!… So I guess that’s more than one thought. In fact, screw those ideas, we’ve got a better one.

Luigi’s Mansion


Nintendo is now selling literal proton packs and Luigi has never looked so good. It’s the Ghostbusters game we’ve always wanted, with the control method we’ve always dreamed of. With actual packs now on our back, and ghost-snatching controllers in our hands, Luigi’s Mansion is the dream Nintendo Labo game.


Nintendo thought they could win us over by showcasing the backpack cardboard creation with a robot-fighting game, but all we really want is to explore spooky mansions, hum some sweet tunes, and battle adorable supernatural forces. It’s the Year of Luigi 2 baby!

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  1. There are no words to express how much I want this. I’ve never been happier to be a gamer. This might be comparable to when I was three and wee with my ColecoVision and Atari. It’s like seeing stuff for the first time again.

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