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Beat Saber – This Lightsaber Rhythm Game is a VR Dream

Live your dream of being a Jedi DJ.

For as long as there have been video games, gamers have wanted to play with accurate representations of lightsabers. Countless games have dabbled with the idea in the past, from realistic cutting physics to motion controls. But now with virtual reality, this longstanding hope has finally become, well, reality. In fact, not only can you wield lightsabers in games like LightBlade VR and Robo Recall, but some developers are now beginning to experiment with how far we can take the iconic laser swords.

Enter Beat Saber:


One part Guitar Hero, one part Star Wars, Beat Saber will hone your Jedi skills while you drop sick beats. Though the teaser starts simply enough, slashing effortlessly to some easy beats, the pace quickly ramps up and Beat Saber demonstrates its appeal.

As the beat drops, players will have to time their moves to the booming rhythm, pulling off maneuvers that would put the Prequels to shame. It looks tough, but this display of high-level play definitely seems worth the practice. It’s the same intuitively heart-pounding, rhythmic action we saw in 2016’s Thumper, only this time we get to feel like musical Jedi.

Beat Saber is set to release this year and we can’t wait to feel the beat and the Force.

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