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Top 5 Super Mario Odyssey DLC Worlds We Want to Explore

Mario may have traveled the world, but he missed a few stops along the way.

5. Return to Ruined Kingdom


If you’re anything like me, your jaw dropped at the sight of the Ruined Kingdom. Like a world ripped straight out of Dark Souls, Mario’s arrival in the land of Crumbledon was a major highlight of the game. The world’s desolate vibe clashed so hard with the rest of Mario Odyssey‘s jovial nature that it sticks out perhaps more than any other.

And yet… all we got out of it was a boss arena. What gives? We wanted to explore creepy castles and abandoned altars! We were only given a brief glimpse into what could have been the coolest kingdom in the game.

4. Boo’s Mansion

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Speaking of creepy worlds, an equivalent to Boo’s Mansion was sorely missing from Odyssey. Sure we got the Tim Burton-esque Cap Kingdom full of hat wearing Boo look-a-likes, but it’s just not enough.

We want to see those tricky iconic ghosts placing devilish traps and puzzles for us to solve, all while getting a case of the heebeegeebees. It’d be interesting to see what shenanigans can come about exploring a sprawling interior mansion layout, rather than the open areas Odyssey is known for.

3. Wario & Waluigi World


Super Mario Odyssey wasn’t afraid to get weird. From possessing meat to hopping on actual human heads, but we still want more zaniness! And who better to personify the wacky side of the Mario series than Wario & Waluigi themselves.

Whether it’s a WarioWare Inc. style world or whatever it is Waluigi’s got going on, we’d love to see what insanity Nintendo can come up with in a world themed around our favourite villainous… brothers? How do these two know each other again?

2. Isle Delfino

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Despite being visible on the world map, in the end, Isle Delfino was sadly not actually playable in Super Mario Odyssey. And it’s really a shame too, with Peach’s Castle from Super Mario 64 getting its own world, it’s time Super Mario Sunshine gets some nostalgic love too. Now we may have gotten the Seaside Kingdom and you may be thinking it was a good replacement. But you would be wrong, nothing can replace the magical Isle Delfino.

Maybe Cappy can even possess Mario’s old pal FLUDD, and we can spray and hover and water jet around to our heart’s content again.

1. Darkest Side of the Moon


Recent 3D Mario games have held the tradition of rewarding its most dedicated players with a super tough final level. And while Odyssey has both the Dark Side and Darker Side worlds full of difficult stages, it still wasn’t enough.

Mario’s never controlled better than he does in Odyssey, with his multitude of jumping maneuvers to an abundance of Cappy abilities, so we’d love to see a grueling platforming challenge that really tests players’ skills and Joy-Con mastery.

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