Can Pacific Rim: Uprising Match the Original?

The second trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising has dropped and fan response is… ehh?

It’s no secret that Uprising had a messy production schedule. With original director Guillermo Del Toro not returning, for a good while there we had lost all hope in a sequel to the scrappy underdog mech movie. But when things finally picked up again with a new director and star, we were optimistic. Until the trailers.


Gone are dark moody colours and cyberpunk aesthetic, replaced with a bright, campy world. If the original Pacific Rim was influenced by anime, Uprising is clearly inspired by Saturday morning cartoons.

Any sense of realism is now long passed. The Jaegers are more stylized, bouncing around the city, almost weightless in comparison to the heavy, deliberate movements found in the first film. Gone are the days when a Jaeger pulling out a sword would be a highlight of the film, any subtlety is thrown out the window when you introduce laser whips.

Pacific Rim had an oppressive, apocalyptic vibe, with humanity being pushed closer and closer to defeat. Uprising brings us a whole new squad of teens to kick alien butt (with accompanying “cool” rap music).

Seriously, the sword reveal was like, an actual a twist.

So yeah, the sequel isn’t what we were expecting. Some fans have been calling it a Michael Bay version of Pacific Rim, with Del Toro’s admiration for mech anime swapped with over-the-top action and bad CGI.

Is it all bad though? Has Pacific Rim just become another Transformers? Maybe there is something to appreciate here, and watching giant robots throw alien behemoths through skyscrapers still guarantees some fun. At least we actually get to see it happen in daylight this time.

For better or worse, Pacific Rim: Uprising finally arrives March 23. Hopefully better.

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