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Introducing ‘Choreography’ – Episode 1: Matt Johnson Interview

Button Masher Media is excited to debut a brand new seasonal podcast series, Choreography. 

Hosted by Button Masher co-founder Corey van den Hoogenband, Choreography will explore the world of Canadian pop culture through interviews with film makers, comic writers, video game creators, musicians, and more. In Episode 1, Corey talks with Nirvanna the Band the Show director, co-star, and co-creator Matt Johnson about the process of making movies and TV in Canada.

Want to know more? Why not visit and read the intro article, Just what the heck is Choreography?  Alternatively, why not jump right into the very first episode? Ain’t nothing wrong with a good old fashioned leap of faith!

Listen below:

This is Button Masher’s first attempt at creating a finite podcast, one that has a set number of episodes and an ending planned. Choreography will air once a week for five weeks straight before concluding. Think of it as seasonal programming – CineMasher will return in five weeks, refreshed and energized!

As this is a brand new type of show for us – and not to mention Corey’s first solo show – we need your support! Please give the show a listen, leave a comment, and share it if you can! We’ve included the SoundCloud link, but the show is also available on Apple Podcasts and other podcast services by simply searching for “Button Masher Podcasts”

Follow Corey online @CoreyOnline for updates on Choreography and bonus content!

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