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Nintendo Opens Gaming Station in Toronto Airport

Toronto’s Pearson Airport is about to level up its entertainment options, thanks to Nintendo’s soon-to-be installed game station.

Starting November 20th, a Nintendo station will be open in Terminal 3, giving weary travellers the chance to kick back with some Pokemon, Smash Bros, Mario Kart and yes, even Fortnite, on the company’s handheld / home console hybrid system.

nintendo experience
Source: Nintendo Holiday Experience

The pop-up will be around until December 19th, according to a release on the Canadian Nintendo website.  “Make sure to visit us while you are waiting to board your holiday flights!”

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has transformed an airport into a Mushroom Kingdom. Last year, Kansai International Airport, the airport closest to the company’s Kyoto headquarters, established its own “Nintendo Check In” for travellers to visit.

Nintendo Kansai
Nintendo’s official mockup of their Kansai Aiport gaming station.


The set up has yet to be unveiled, but from what we’ve seen from Osaka, and based on Nintendo of Canada’s previous pop-ups, we can expect an activation complete with TV stations and photo ops. Most recently, a giant Nintendo Switch landed in Sherway Gardens:

Since day one, Nintendo’s pitched the Switch as a console you could take anywhere, even showing someone playing Switch on an airplane in the reveal trailer. With that in mind, it makes some sense they’d set up shop in an airport, to remind folks of all the console’s use cases.

Why the big N has chosen Toronto’s airport for this new installation is anyone’s guess, but we’re not complaining. Perhaps Mario heard about Drake’s gaming skills and wanted to please the Six God?

If you’re travelling through Pearson this season, you know where to kill time before your boarding call!

Words by: @CoreyOnline


  1. What are the hours they will be there?

    We flew out and didn’t bring any of the freebies with us and figured we’d just get them on our way back from Hawaii.

    Can we Enter that area again once we’ve landed?

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