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Every Young Justice Season 4 Leak and Rumor

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Thanks to DC Universe and the power of streaming, Young Justice Season 4 is coming much faster than the time between Season 2 and 3. Still, very little is known about the mysterious fourth season, at least officially. Here are the top rumors, leaks, and theories about Young Justice Season 4.

We’ll update the list as new rumors and leaks emerge, so be sure to check back from time to time!


young justice season 4 phantoms

According to a leak shared to Reddit, the name of the fourth season is Young Justice Phantoms. This would follow the trend of subtitles separating seasons, such as Young Justice: Invasion and Young Justice: Outsiders for Season 2 and 3 respectively.

Scroll down to the PLOT section for a breakdown of what “Phantoms” could mean!


Young Justice Season 4 is currently planned to release late 2020 via DC Universe. No official date has yet to be announced or leaked, but we know it will follow Doom Patrol on DCU’s streaming schedule. While we’d prefer an exact date, one year between seasons sure beats the six years between Invasion and Outsiders.

PLOT RUMOR: Wally West’s Return

Based on the finale of Season 3, fans aren’t convinced that Wally West is truly gone. Between Miss Martian’s “Psychic Playground” and Zatana’s ability to send Artemis to Limbo, fans may not have seen the last of Kid Flash.

PLOT THEORY: Time Travel & The Meaning of “Phantoms”

Reddit user dman6233 suggests that the subtitle Phantoms refers to the former teammates that the Young Justice crew has lost over the seasons (and during the breaks between seasons that we never saw). With things like the Psychic Playground and other magic avenues presented in the show so far, a time travel plot does not seem impossible.

Maybe Jason Todd, Tula, and even Wally West can be in Young Justice Season 4, as phantoms the team either connects with spiritually, or even finds a way to bring back?

PLOT LEAK: More of Beast Boy’s Outsiders

young justice season 4 beastboy

During San Diego Comic-Con 2019, showrunner Greg Weisman accidentally spilled the beans that Season 4 would focus at least somewhat on Beast Boy’s new outsider team.

PLOT THEORY: 2 Year Time Skip

Each new season of Young Justice thus far has started off with a 2 year time skip between the finale of the previous season and the new season’s premiere. It’s not unlikely then that Young Justice Season 4 will have a time skip.

Remember, we plan to update this list as new information emerges. Did we miss a leak or rumor? Do you have a theory of your own? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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  1. Please bring back Wally West in YJ season 4. He deserves to be with Artemis. Artemis deserves a life of happiness with him. He deserves to be a part of the Justice league. He was my favorite character. I still can’t get over the fact that he is gone. He is the life of the team.

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