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Welcome to the leaks and spoiler discussion page for Attack On Titan Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 127!

Will Isayama’s latest contribution to the story win back the fans who were unhappy with Chapter 126 or will it continue to disappoint them?

Do you think the end of Attack On Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin is being rushed? Do you have faith that Isayama will stick the landing with this incredibly ambitious and complicated story?

Things Chapter 127 Didn’t Answer

Who is the man in the window from chapter 126? Where is Zeke? What is Eren’s plan as of Chapter 127? All this and more is hanging up in the air, and fans are dying to know.

Discussion: Major Chapter Moments

Will Armin & Mikasa Kill Eren? 
An important takeaway from Chapter 127 is Armin and Mikasa’s current position on Eren and whether he is or is not beyond saving. As of now, the two have clearly shown an interest in having another civil conversation with Eren. When pressed by Annie about what they’ll do if Eren refuses to call off the rumbling, Armin and Mikasa were uncertain.

It’s key to know at this phase in the game that while both recognize Eren’s plan needs stopping, neither have verbalized the lengths they’re willing to go to in order to stop it from happening.

Putting The Past Behind Us
A large portion of the chapter saw members of the anti-Eren union of Marley and Eldian fighters yelling back and forth about which nation really kicked things into motion and is the most responsible for the current apocalypse they find themselves in.

Hange calls attention to the absurdity of arguing over events from thousands of years ago that no one around the bonfire was even present for. Hange then acknowledges the simple fact that both Marleyans and Eldians are currently sitting in a circle together, sharing a meal, and not killing each other. It’d be foolish to consider this some turning point in their international relations, but it’s something that hasn’t happened before.

Attack on Harbor 
The Marley-Eldia Union’s plan involves securing a plain (or floating boat as the crew likes to call it) from the Harbor that’ll get the team closer to the Founding Titan. Their decision to refer to Eren as the Founding Titan hear may imply that Eren is still in that monstrous form we saw a few chapters ago, moving around the island of Paradis.

The union makes their way to the harbor only to find a squad of Yaegerists lead by everyone’s favorite character, Floch. It does not seem that Eren or Zeke is present, and we assume Floch is the highest ranking member of the Yaegerists on site.

We expect a showdown between the union and Floch’s branch of the Yaegerists. If the manga is truly wrapping up this year, and assuming some more characters will need to be removed from the story Game Of Thrones style, there is reason to believe this may be Floch’s final battle.

We’ll see next month what goes down at the Harbor! Do you think we’ll see casualties from the Marley-Eldia Union? 

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