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What Video Games Do BTS Play?

Here's what your favorite K-Pop stars are playing!

The members of BTS aren’t just lovers of music: time and time again they’ve brought up in interviews the other pop culture genres that they spend their time with, such as anime and video games. But what specific video games do BTS obsessed play? These are the the favorite video games of BTS!


Member(s) playing: J Hope, RM

In a 2017 interview with Yahoo eSports, when asked whether BTS prefers Starcraft of League of Legends, RM and J Hope were quick to proclaim Starcraft the superior game.


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League of Legends

Member(s) playing: Jin

In the same interview mentioned above, Jin stands up for League of Legends and chooses it over Starcraft. As for the character Jin mains, “I play my same name, Jhin. You know Jhin?” The BTS member is referring to Jhin The Virtuoso from League. Wouldn’t you play as whatever character shared a name with you if you had the chance?


Member(s) playing: V, Jungkook, Suga

V’s love of Overwatch is pretty well known online, and his favorite character is D.VA. Jungkook is also pretty hardcore into Overwatch, and recently told Jimmy Fallon that if he wasn’t in the music industry, his dream career would be a pro gamer. He has mentioned that McCree and Widowmaker are his two best characters.

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Member(s) playing: Jin

Just like half the internet, Jin also plays MapleStory. In fact, he has sometimes played it on stream while BTS fans watch along and chat with him and each other. These streams make for a good time! Jin Twitch gaming channel, anyone?

Nintendo Switch

Member(s) playing: Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, J Hope

In 2017 Jimin was gifted a Nintendo Switch with a copy of Super Mario Odyssey by bandmate Jin! Not soon after he received a second Switch. Not needing it, he traded it off to Jungkook.

A RollingStone article that covered a day in the life of BTS mentions Jin playing on his Nintendo Switch in the green room before a show. J Hope has also previously seen seen traveling with his Switch.

It seems the portable nature of Nintendo Switch is a perfect fit for the globetrotting K Pop stars!


Being huge gamers themselves, it should come as no surprise that the band would into the idea of having a game of their own. Enter BTS World, a free to play mobile game made in association with NetMarble.

BTS World puts the player in the role of the band manager and smartly combines gachapon inspired card pull gameplay with visual novel style storytelling for a gameplay experience that is sure to please fans.

Last August the band also dropped a concept trailer for a second game, what looks like a dramatic 3D video game with magical realism elements. Little is known about the game but given its relation to the Map Of The Soul era it is suspected the game will release in 2020.

Based on the scope of the project and the ambitious art style that most developers would have a hard time making work on a phone, our best guess is that this may be a PC and or Nintendo Switch title. Perhaps a short 3D narrative game in the style of Life Is Strange?




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    1. Bts also play zepeto.. it’s a Korean social media kind of life simulator..they have individual ID’s with millions of followers

    1. Yeah cause I have also played with many people with their names. In fact I sometimes play as Kookie and my sister plays as Suga… soo

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  2. When you know all the album theories and watching this will give you a different feel
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