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Is Digimon Last Evolution Getting An English Dub?

The voice of Tai tells fans if Digimon Adventure Last Evolution is getting an English dub.

Digimon Adventure Last Evolution: Kizuna is weeks away from premiering in the Western World via Fathom Events’ subtitled movie screenings. But one question fans who grew up with the English voices of Joshua Seth, Jeff Nimoy and the like are dying to know is, will Last Evolution have an English Dub?

As of now the answer is, unfortunately, looking like a no. The last time Fathom Events brought Digimon to the big screens with Digimon Adventure Tri, they brought along a new dub that featured a large portion of the original Fox Kids English cast. The fact that Fathom Events is again bringing us Digimon, but this time subtitled only, does not bode well for fans who grew up with Tai, Matt, T.K., Kari, and the others.

Furthermore, the English voice of Tai recently addressed the question of whether he had heard about a dub or would be reprising his role for the latest Digimon movie.

“As of now, no one from the studio has asked me,” Seth wrote on Twitter. “But I’m hoping that they will. There’s still time.” It’s been over three months since Seth wrote this tweet, and neither he nor the studio have provided an update on the existence of an English dub.

With how much of a role childhood nostalgia seems to be playing in the movie, it’ll be a pretty crushing loss to many fans to not have the nostalgic voices from their childhood bringing these characters to life.

As Joshua Seth mentions in his tweet, however, “There’s still time.” while there’s nothing official, we shouldn’t give up hope that after the Fathom Events release, Toei Animation might double dip on the English speaking market and put together a dub.

If news breaks about a Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna English Dub, we’ll update you here!

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