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Someone is Tagging Haunter Graffiti in Toronto | Pokemon Street Art

Amazing and creepy Pokemon graffiti street art found in Canada.

“Who’s that Graffiti artist?! We don’t know!” 

I was strolling through an alley near Dundas West Station yesterday when a familiar shape on the side of a wall caught my eye. “Is that…Haunter?” I asked, letting my inner Pokemaniac shine.

I paused and looked a bit closer, only to confirm that it was in fact a black silhouette of everyone’s second favourite ghost type Pokemon, Haunter.


The paint bleed dripping down the side is just about the coolest part of this already cool-as-heck piece of street art. Besides that, the fact is appears to be riffing on the “Who’s That Pokemon?” silhouettes from the show is hugely neat.

The purple below and to the left was unrelated (from what I could tell) but it’s a bit of a happy coincidence that it matches the Pokemon’s original colour palette.

Internet, I’m asking for a favour: help me find this artist! Do they have more Pokemon tags, or is Haunter their modus operandi?

Was it you, Japan exclusive Graffiti Pikachu?!

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