Goku vs. Moro Fight: Dragon Ball Super 58 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super 58 Spoiler Breakdown: Goku vs Moro and Saganbo.

A week ahead of the release of Dragon Ball Super 58, the official Dragon Ball website has shared early versions of Toyotaro’s manga panels, which tease Goku’s return to Earth and the long awaited rematch between Goku and Moro. Will we see Mastered Ultra Instinct make a reappearance this chapter?  Keep reading to know what to expect!

UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom of this article for brand new leaks from Dragon Ball Chapter 58 revealing Ultra Instinct’s return!

Goku Returns To Earth


It appears before Goku and Moro fight, Goku must first help close out some of the battles his fellow Z fighters have been tangled up in around the globe. First  we see Goku and Roshi taking care of the recently fused trio of warriors from Moro’s Galactic Prisoner gang. Whether Goku was needed for this fight or arrived just after Master Roshi singlehandedly defeated them is not known quite yet.


Next we get an important look at the Galactic Patrol on cleanup duty. In the bottom right you’ll notice Galactic Patrolman transporting defeated escapees into their ships, while Goku, Krillin and Roshi look on from above. In the final panel (bottom left) Goku tells Krillin and Roshi “Understood,” before preparing for an instant transmission.

Goku Teams Up With Tien, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu


This page leak is an exciting one: as we saw last month, Tien and Chiaotzu have met up with Yamcha, tugging on those Saiyan Saga nostalgia strings. They seemed to be on the losing end of a battle against one of Moro’s lackeys when Goku confidently teleports in.

With so many fights happening around the globe, we doubt Goku has much time to chat with the trio of O.G. Z Fighters. Our bet is his next stop is to meet up with Gohan, Piccolo, and the others.

Next Stop: Moro vs Goku or Goku vs SaganboDragon-Ball-Super-58-Goku-Vs-Moro-Fight

Last we saw Moro he was staring down a tired group of Z Fighters that includes Gohan, Piccolo, Android 17 and Android 18. A powered up Saganbo is dealing with the four of them while Moro calmly watches.

This Chapter we expect to see one of two things:

    1. Goku takes on Saganbo in a one-on-one fight
    2. Goku’s presence give the four present Z Fighterz the morale boost needed to turn the tide on their fight with Saganbo, while Goku goes straight for Moro.

In either scenario, we predict what follows will be a tired Goku losing to Moro, leaving things all up to Vegeta. The Moro arc has focused on Vegeta making up for some of his past sins, like when he protected the new Namekians in an effort to make up for his past violence against their people.

If we had to guess, Moro vs Goku will be set up up at the very end of Chapter 58, with the actual fight coming next month inside an epic Chapter 59. Vegeta will probably make his appearance at the end of 59, and debut his new Yardrat technique during Chapter 60. Vegeta vs. Moro is the major event we’re counting down for, though whether or not Goku will be able to pull out his Ultra Instinct in this arc also has us super curious!


Huge news: In Chapter 58 Goku reveals to Moro that he has the ability to trigger Ultra Instinct on command!

We also see that Goku demolishes Saganbo before the main event, and it looks like he didn’t even need Ultra Instinct for this opponent.

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