Top 5 Crazy Moments in Control: The Foundation DLC

The next chapter of Control is out now with the DLC, The Foundation. To celebrate, we’re counting down the top 5 craziest moments you’ll find exploring the lowest area of The Oldest House. Consider this your spoiler warning!

The Cat Shrine


Starting off with a sillier one, the DLC has its own special collectibles in the form of an Altered Item – Maneki-neko Statues. After collecting 8 of these small cat figures scattered throughout The Oldest House’s underground, you’ll be able to enter an adorably terrifying cat shrine and receive your reward… cat ears. Yep, hope all that running around was worth it to make Jesse a certified catgirl.

Jesse Faden Starring in “Swift Platform”

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Another side mission found in The Foundation, this time having Jesse attempt to capture another Altered Item, a movie camera. It wouldn’t be an Altered Item if it was that simple though, and the camera immediately launches her into an 80’s neon chase scene. (And a really tough one at that!)

Filled with trippy visuals and heart-pumping synthwave, even Jesse’s not quite sure what she’s seen by the time it’s all over. “Did that just happen? It felt like a dream. Or maybe a bad movie…” Seems like the Federal Bureau of Control’s new Director is not a fan of 80’s action movies.

Marshall’s Death


Head of Operations for the FBC, Helen Marshall was a crucial part in helping Jesse take back The Oldest House from the Hiss. However, unlike most other major characters that stuck around to provide conversation after the end of the base game, Marshall was nowhere to be found. This spawned some conversation online about her whereabouts, which we unfortunately now know the details of. The DLC actually reveals she  sacrificed herself attempting to stop the Hiss from taking over the Nail, thus kickstarting Jesse’s entire adventure in The Foundation.

And yet, her death doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of her. Throughout the DLC, she continues to call Jesse and relay information via the Hotline, continuing her role as a key character. Perhaps we’ll hear from her again in the sequel?

The Former – Friend or Foe?

The Foundation Me IRL

Control players may remember facing off against this mysterious entity in the base game. The Board even warns Jesse about it, asserting The Former is a threat to them, and thus humanity itself. Evidently a former member of The Board, it seemed The Former may have been set up as a future villain. This DLC however, makes matters a bit more complicated.

After The Board makes Jesse choose only one new power between Shape and Fracture, The Former actually offers her the other against their wishes. It wants nothing in return, and they even have a friendly, if ominous, chat. In fact, The Former actually seems like it wants to help The Oldest House. So who’s in the right here, The Former or The Board? Speaking of The Board’s allegiances…

Jesse vs. The Board


Sure The Board was always a bit unnerving in the base game of Control, but they never seemed outright villainous. The Foundation DLC however, definitely begins to set up what might be a schism between Jesse and The Board. In line with the entire theme of the game, it seems The Board values control above all. Control over The Bureau, control over its Directors, but how far could that want for control go? Control over humanity, reality?

The Foundation establishes that The Board is not inherently part of The Oldest House, and instead perhaps manifests itself through The Nail in its lowest levels. The Board also drove the previous Director Northmoore a bit crazy, and uses its chosen Directors to control The Bureau, even potentially offing them when the time comes for a new selection – a fact Emily Pope accidentally points out to Jesse. As Jesse fixes the problem in The Foundation, animosity between her and The Board grows, with them seeking her subservience and her pretending to play nice – for the time being. This is her bureau now after all.

So how will this all shake out in the sequel? Will Jesse end up teaming up with The Former to take down The Board? Or is it more complex than that? How do the Hiss come into play with all this? And will Alan Wake play a role in the future? However it turns out, we can’t wait to see where this story is going.

Bonus: Ahti is Still Weird


Here’s one more quick fun one. While Ahti may be physically missing from the DLC, he can still be spotted in the side mission Found Footage. There, you’ll find a TV that stuns enemies with its light… a TV that just happens to be playing footage of Ahti cleaning and singing to himself. We still don’t know exactly who or what Ahti is, but we were glad to see him pop up one more time to help Jesse in The Foundation.

And that’s our list of the craziest moments in The Foundation. Did we miss anything else you found exciting? There’s tons to explore in The Oldest House’s underground with dozens of mysterious notes, cryptic cave paintings, and eerie recordings.

Let us know if we missed anything cool in a comment!

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