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Is Digimon Adventure 2020 Getting a Dub?

Can we expect an English dub of the Digimon Adventure 2020 reboot? Will ska makes it return?

The 2020 remake of Digimon Adventure is officially here! At least for Japanese viewers and those who watch with English subtitles. But there’s one question fans who grew up with the English voices of Joshua Seth, Jeff Nimoy, and the like are dying to know- will there be an English dub of Digimon Adventure 2020?

The answer at this moment in time is no. The previous major Digimon animation project, Digimon Adventure Last Evolution: Kizuna has still made no announcement about an English dub, and it seems likely that project would receive the dub treatment first. Additionally, with the exception of Digimon Adventure: Tri, Digimon in general has seen fewer dubs since Xros Wars, with its video games and animation projects being sub only.

Furthermore, the English voice of Tai recently addressed the question of whether he had heard about a dub or would be reprising his role for Digimon in 2020. His comments are in regards to Last Evolution, but the conclusions are true for both Last Evolution and Adventure 2020. Read on:

“As of now, no one from the studio has asked me,” Seth wrote on Twitter. “But I’m hoping that they will. There’s still time.” It’s been over four months since Seth wrote this tweet, and neither he nor the studio have provided an update on the existence of an English dub for either Last Evolution of the 2020 remake.

As Joshua Seth mentions in his tweet, however, “There’s still time.” while there’s nothing official, we shouldn’t give up hope that a Western company might try to get the band back together once again. After all, many of these actors got to shake off the rust while working on Digimon Adventure Tri only a few years ago. Tai himself, Joshua Seth, even said “I will always voice Tai on Digimon if I am asked.”

If news breaks about a Digimon Adventure 2020 dub, we’ll update you here!

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