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BTS as 8-bit Video Game Characters

BTS members J-Hope, Jimin, and RM are now retro video game characters!

Fans know that BTS love video games, but what if they starred in their own vintage 8-bit video game?

The amazing Darnu-Pop runs a YouTube channel that puts out “chiptune” covers of hit K Pop songs alongside adorable music videos where the artists behind the songs are reimagined as cute blocky characters straight out of a Nintendo game! Darnu-Pop has made a ton of BTS videos you need to see.

These videos are a joy to look at, often doubling as a love letter to both the respective band as well as video games of the past. Any self respecting BTS fan needs to give these YouTube videos a watch.

The videos play out like a rhythm game. The members of BTS run right hopping from high and low platforms that are in sync with the ascending and descending notes of the melodies. Here’s J-Hope J-hopping over some Pokemon in the 8-bit ON video:


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Seriously, the old school sights and sounds coupled with the new school music and iconic fashion of BTS is a recipe for success. This is a YouTube channel worth watching!

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