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Joji & Suga from BTS Collaboration Rumored To Exist, Releasing This Year

Could a Joji and BTS collaboration be coming?

There is a new update to the multi year BTS x Joji collaboration rumor! An anonymous Reddit user claims to have insider information shared alleged details about Joji’s upcoming album. Among those details was the fact that there’s a Suga feature buried inside the new Joji album.

The new Reddit account – which after the publishing of this article deleted their original post – claimed to have worked on the marketing of the short videos Joji has been releasing onto his social media pages. The comment says this collaboration with 88rising, Joji’s record label, allowed the user to hear some of the new album’s music. After describing a couple songs, Public-Tangelo adds, “there’s also another track that’s supposed to be like this love ballad with Suga from BTS.”


Are BTS and Joji Collaborating?

There have been rumors about BTS and Joji collaborating for years. However, they usually center around RM working with Joji and the 88 Rising crew.

Regarding the alleged Suga + Joji track, the Reddit user also adds, ” it’s not really my thing and George doesn’t seem too crazy about it either but Sean contends that its a worthy single choice but I guess time will tell.” This is where things get strange. Fans are quick to point out that 88 Rising dictating the contents of a Joji album doesn’t sound right.

Neither Joji, BTS, 88Rising or Big Hit Entertainment have commented on the rumor. Though the sudden deletion of the original post adds a mysterious wrinkle to story. Is 88Rising truly pushing a vision of the album that Joji isn’t comfortable with? Why is Joji not happy with the alleged Suga collaboration?


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