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Digimon As Ancient Japanese Monsters: Yokai Art Scrolls

Check out this amazing Digimon fanart!

Members of the Digimon fan community already know that there is no shortage of talent and creativity from its members. Today we’ve found some of the very best of the best Digimon fan art we’ve ever seen and feel compelled to share.

Dear readers, feast your eyes on itcrossme‘s unbelievable “Digimon As Japanese Mythological Beasts” series:



Blown away? Yeah, so are we.

Itcrossme aka reddit user u/DarkSaga07 first shared the reimagining of the original Adventure 01 Digital Monsters to reddit in the middle of April and it quickly skyrocketed to the top of r/Digimon.

I drew greymon as if it was a mythological japanese beast depicted in a old scroll from digimon

We wanted to know more about the artist’s inspiration and were fortunate enough to be able to chat with ItCrossMe. “I first drew Greymon with the idea, ‘what if Digimons were actually mythological beasts that people saw in the old days?'” ItCrossMe told us. He then imagined people encountering these beasts and drawing them to show other people the monsters they saw out on their travels.

“It’s been crazy how nice the fandom has been to my idea, I will never be able to thank them enough. I was planning to do one or two in the beginning, but because I got such a big response and people demanding more, I extended it to all 8 main champions of the classic series.”


ItCrossMe aka u/DarkSaga07 currently graces the r/Digimon subreddit every few days with his versions of the classic Digimon, and only a few  digital monsters remain. But what can we expect after the Adventure 01 champions are completed?

“Maybe I will take a break after this series and then come back with one more round of Digimons…I think that the Tamers ones have a chance, because it’s my favorite season. And because Renamon and Kyubimon would fit perfectly with this project.”

Yes. Please. ItCrossMe is not wrong that the entire Renamon evolution line is perfectly suited for this project.

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