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Is a New Prince of Persia Game Coming in 2020?

Will the Prince of Persia finally parkour his way back onto next gen consoles?

UPDATE: We did it! A listing for a new Prince of Persia remake has appeared on a Guatemalan retail site. The listing states the game is coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4 in November 2020. Jason Schreier of Bloomberg News basically confirms this is real. Expect more answers at the next Ubisoft Forward in September. We’ll keep the rest of the article as originally written for posterity (and because I’m too lazy to rewrite it).

The internet has been abuzz with talk about the return of Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia series after a trailer for a long-cancelled game was discovered on YouTube. Titled Prince of Persia Redemption, the video from 2012 (?!) had somehow gone undiscovered until a ResetEra user posted it to the popular games forum. The gameplay shows a pre-rendered animation of the Prince wall running, knife fighting, and of course, wielding the power of time to make his way through a crumbling city.

Of course, there’s no way to know how the full game would have turned out. The video itself is pretty cool though and the series has sorely been missing for the past couple generations. Check it out here:

Is More Prince of Persia On the Way?

While this video alone isn’t enough to be hard evidence that Ubisoft is gearing up for a new Prince of Persia title, it does come at a curious time. The video was discovered around the same time that a “Prince of Persia 6” domain name was registered.

It’s true that publishers often register domains or trademarks without purpose, merely to cover themselves legally if anything should come up in the future. However, that’s now two different times Prince of Persia has popped up in the news again after years of dormancy. Could that mean Ubisoft has something in the works?

What’s even more suspicious is the age of the video. Dating back to 2012, it’s unlikely it was simply left undiscovered for 8 years. What is more likely however, is that it was left private on YouTube all these years and was only recently made public. But for what purpose? Has it simply been long enough now that revealing a cancelled game is of no consequence?

prince of persia forgotten sands
We haven’t seen a mainline game in the series since 2010’s Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.

Connecting the Dots

Or could it be that the Prince of Persia Redemption footage was made publicly available now to gauge interest for the series? Perhaps even to stir up enthusiasm again ahead of a future release. Coupled with the domain name and the ever-present rumours that a Prince of Persia is in development at some level, these recent developments finally point towards an upcoming reveal.

Ubisoft hasn’t commented on anything as of yet, but this summer is shaping up to be the time for big game announcements. Could we finally see the Prince retake his throne? This is, after all, the series that brought us the hit feature film staring Hollywood heartthrob Jake Gyllenhaal.

prince of persia hollywood heartthrob jake gyllenhaal
Thank you Ubisoft Film and Television division.

What do you want from a new Prince of Persia game? Do you think 2020 could be the year the Prince makes his triumphant return? Let us know in the comments!

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