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Here’s How BTS And Their Fans Are Supporting Black Lives Matter

BTS and their fans are doing truly unique work to support Black Lives Matter and fight hatred.

The K Pop mega group BTS have spoken up regarding #BlackLivesMatter movements in the United States and around the world this month with a donation of $1 Million Dollars to Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter confirmed the donation receipt on Friday June 5th.

On June 4th, the band issued the following statement to Twitter

We stand against racial discrimination. We condemn violence. You, I and we all have the right to be respected. We will stand together.

Beyond this, BTS fans and K Pop fans at large have taken impressive and unique action to combat police violence and injustice towards Black communities.

K Pop fans have built up an oftentimes negative reputation for the use of fan cam replies; an action in which fans of certain K Pop idols would reply to tweets in popular hashtags with videos of their favorite performer, in order to promote that artist. Now however, they’re using fan can spam for good:

Fans have hopped onto harmful hashtags and filled them with Gifs and videos of their favorite artists in an effort to drown out the garbage that people using these hashtags in earnest have been trying to distribute. It’s downright genius. 

On May 31st, the Dallas police took to Twitter asking for civilians to send photos and videos of “illegal activity from protests” — naturally, BTS fans replied to the Dallas police’s Twitter account in droves to effectively render their protester snitching tool useless.

Elsewhere, fans flooded the moronic #Wh*teLivesMatter hashtag and other alt-right hashtags with fabulous clips of K Pop, defeating the purpose of these garbage hashtags.


Many fans are also donating in the name of BTS and Big Hit, to grow the funds donated from the larger BTS community.

Regardless of your stance on fan cam spam in the past, this is an incredible instance of allyship through a method you wouldn’t normally think of.

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