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Nintendo Announces New Bakugan Switch Game for Some Reason

The masters of disappointing overexcited fans are back with a baffling surprise!

After a drought of new game announcements and information, Nintendo has finally broken their silence. Today, July 2, 2020, a new game for the Nintendo Switch developed by WayForward, the makers of the Shantae series, was announced via a Nintendo Treehouse Livestream!

Introducing… Bakugan: Champions Vestroia. Oh.

Striking while the iron is frozen solid.

As you no doubt already know, Bakugan is a strategy (?) game where players use small spherical toys (the Bakugan themselves) that pop open to transform into tiny characters. I think you use them to battle each other and cards are possibly involved. Maybe there’s points? No one knows. Like Mousetrap or Operation, no child has ever actually played the full game, instead opting to play with the toy once, get bored, and put it away forever.

The Bakugan toys spawned an anime series that no one watched in 2007 and a few video games no one played from 2009 to 2011. The anime series has since been rebooted several times over the years, so evidently someone has to be watching these things.

Personally I can’t wait for the inevitable Smash Bros x Bakugan Mii Costume

The trailer showcases players building their team of Bakugan, (Bakugans? Bakugen?) battling online or solo, and that’s all Bakugan is so that’s it. Why this game didn’t receive a full 40-minute-long deep dive Nintendo Direct is anyone’s guess.

With this announcement, the Nintendo holiday lineup is on a roll (like Bakugan!) and we can’t wait to see more games like this soon. Maybe a Beyblade game by Next Level Games, or KerPlunk by MercurySteam.

Players can pop their balls in Bakugan: Champions Vestroia on November 3, 2020, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch!

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