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This Bethesda Character NEEDS to be in Smash Ultimate

Bethesda has been an important part of Nintendo for 30 years, it's time they get represented in Smash.

Bethesda needs a character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Since the infamous Home Alone game on the NES in 1991, Bethesda has been a crucial part of Nintendo’s third-party lineup. From classic games like Wolfenstein 3D on SNES all the way up to Skyrim on Switch, Bethesda games just make sense on Nintendo consoles. Over the years, Bethesda has provided a violent, more mature edge to Nintendo, helping them find a Western audience their more whimsical Japanese titles might not have been able to.

And that tradition carries on today, with Bethesda making an effort to port their more recent games over to Switch, when other third parties like Ubisoft or Capcom have stopped altogether. Perhaps no other Western third party developer deserves a Smash Bros. rep more than Bethesda. But who should it be? B.J. Blazkowicz? The Dragonborn? Dogmeat?

Cue the heavy metal.

Doomguy aka The Doom Slayer

*Angry demon killing noises*

I’ve written about it before, but now more than ever I believe that Doomguy is the perfect candidate for the Ultimate. He’s been with Nintendo since the beginning in Doom on SNES in 1995 and he’ll be there this year when Doom Eternal comes to Switch. He even had his own game made exclusively for the Nintendo 64 with the aptly named cult classic, Doom 64. You can actually buy every single Doom game on the Nintendo Switch eshop right now!

History aside, he’s a fan favorite. From the little pixelated face in the HUD of the original Doom, to the silent ripping & tearing Doomslayer, gamers have always been fascinated with this demon slaying badass. From cosplay to parody music, Doomguy has cemented himself as a gaming icon. Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons even spawned tons of hilarious fan art when they launched on the same day. You gotta capitalize on the memes Nintendo!

A Doomguy Challenger Pack Would be Amazing

And as a Smash challenger pack, he would be one of the best. He could have a cool Mars or Hell-themed stage, maybe even a Hell on Earth level from Doom Eternal. He could have cool alternate costumes between the classic Doomguy look and the modern Doomslayer armor to celebrate his long history. And the music, oh the amazing music he’d bring over. Just imagine duking it out with your favorite Nintendo characters to the sound of glorious heavy metal.

Now, I know what you’re saying. Isn’t he a little too violent? Well, yes. But it’s a cartoonish level of violence that could be incorporated perfectly into Smash. Snake was also toned down for Smash, and there’s nothing inherently too violent about Doomguy either. Give him a rocket launcher, Crucible sword, hook attack, maybe throw in a super shotgun, and bam, you’ve got a character. Maybe even incorporate some power-ups for special moves or a Final Smash. Besides, this is the game that introduced Ridley by stabbing Mario and Mega Man. Anything’s fair game at this point.

“Rated E10+ for cartoon violence, comic mischief, and suggestive themes.”

So there you have it. Bethesda needs to be in Smash Ultimate, and Doomguy is the perfect character for it. His legacy makes him a gaming icon. He’s a popular character in the West and has a storied history with Nintendo. His challenger package would be extremely cool and unique. His moveset could easily be diverse and fun to play. And he’s BEST FRIENDS with Isabelle! How can you possibly separate those two best buds?

Do you want to see Doomguy in Smash Ultimate? Have a better pick? Let us know in the comments! Just please don’t rip and tear us apart.

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