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17 AMAZING Fall Guys Skins We Want to See in the Game

These Fall Guys fan-made skins are so good, we want them made official!

Fans are showing off their love of Fall Guys with some incredible fan-made skins on Reddit! Which of these awesome creations is your favorite? (Ours is number 10)

1. Gumball Machine Skin

by u/MeshiiMitch

fall guys gumball machine skin

Beans and gumballs, the perfect combination.

2. Fall Guys x Crash Bandicoot

by u/Max_Comix

fall guys crash bandicoot skin

Just stay away from the apples on Fruit Chute.

3. Fall Guys x Journey (The Traveler)

By u/tucaas_

fall guys journey skin

You might actually get a crown if you’re wearing a magical flying scarf.

4. & 5. Fall Guys x The Witcher 3 (Geralt)

By u/MeshiiMitch

fall guys witcher skin

The only monsters to slay here are speed hackers.

6. Fall Guys x Adventure Time (Finn)

By u/Ziamcaaa

fall guys adventure time skin

Now we just need a Jake the Dog skin to complete the look.

7. Anubis Skin

By u/Astroloxy

fall guys anubis skin

Can the the Egyptian god of death actually beat Slime Climb?

8. Cowboy Skin

By u/MeshiiMitch

fall guys cowboy skin

Maybe it can come with a lasso for Tail Tag.

9. Fall Guys x Pokemon (Pikachu)

By u/cirustic

fall guys pikachu skin

Gotta catch ’em all… in Hoarders, that is.

10. & 11. Fall Guys x Doom Eternal (Doom Slayer & Cacodemon)

By u/Nate_jw

fall guys doom skin

Rip and tear and grief!

12. Fall Guys x Hollow Knight (The Knight)

By u/TSDan

fall guys hollow knight skin

Your victory won’t be hollow in this skin.

13. & 14. Fall Guys x Avatar (Aang)

By u/4zayo

fall guys avatar skin

But everything changed when the red team attacked.

15. Shy Guy

By u/Pinipy

fall guys shy guy skin

Speaking of Nintendo… when are we getting Fall Guys on Switch??

16. Fall Guys x KFC (Colonel Sanders)

By u/FrancklinDay

fall guys kfc skin

Now we know where all those eggs come from.

17. Fall Guys x …Fall Guys?!

By u/GuyWithACoolHat

fall guys skin

The ultimate knockout just got the ultimate nightmare.

What do you think of these hilarious (and sometimes creepy) Fall Guys skins? Which one do you want to be officially added to the game? Let us know in the comments!

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