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Every Easter Egg Hidden in the Marvel’s Avengers Beta

The Marvel's Avengers Beta is open to the public and we've already found tons of exciting Easter eggs! Have you spotted them all?

Fans have scoured the Marve’s Avengers Beta for two weekends now and have found some pretty exciting Easter eggs. While most of them are simple goofs and references, others could indicate future upcoming content. Let’s check them out!

Subject Daisy Johnson AKA Quake

Found by u/FelixAnimator

avengers game easter egg quake

Avengers players already know the game’s plot revolves around A.I.M. and the Inhumans. But outside of Kamala Khan, there haven’t been many other explicit character references. However, eagle-eyed fans were able to spot this reference in an A.I.M. base to Daisy Johnson, AKA the Inhuman Quake. Could Quake see a role in the game?

Meachum Industries

Found by u/aandapples

avengers game easter egg meachum industries

Iron Fist fans might recognize this reference to the Living Weapon’s adversary in the Eastern Seaboard level. Cheeky innocent reference, or could Iron Fist make an appearance in the game?

Spider-Man and Doctor Strange Drawings

Found by u/Hawkguywillreturn

By looking into the window of a certain apartment in the Eastern Seaboard level, players can see some art of characters in the game! There’s obviously a drawing of Spider-Man, but there also looks to be smaller drawings of other Avengers in the bottom right. We can spot Hulk and Captain America, but there also looks like someone wearing a blue outfit with a red cape. Is this Doctor Strange?

The Daily Bugle

Found by u/rlb314

avengers game easter egg daily bugle

Of course, it wouldn’t be New York in the Marvel universe without the Daily Bugle. While Spider-Man’s already been confirmed, it’s a fun nod to see his infamous workplace too. Can we expect a J. Jonah Jameson cameo?

Alchemax, Chemco, & Roxxon

Found by u/KittyAttackship

More references to villainous Marvel corporations: Alchemax, originally the megacorp from Spider-Man 2099, Chemco, headquarters of the Ani-Men, and Roxxon, responsible for Howard Stark’s death and constant hindrance to Iron Man.


Found by u/NightAvenger375

avengers game easter egg madripoor

A reference to Madripoor, a Southeast Asian island in the Marvel universe, can be found in Black Widow’s skilltree. Madripoor has popped up in a few Wolverine stories and has ties to The Hand and the X-Men. We might even see Madripoor make its first MCU appearnce in the upcoming Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Maybe we’ll get a mission or two there?

Captain America’s Original Shield, Iron Man’s Mark I Gauntlet, Thor’s Cup, & More

These ones are less Easter eggs and more direct references, but they’re still cool to see! Kamala finds the Avengers’ Vault Room as she explores their abandoned Helicarrier, and she suitably nerds out about it. There’s even a nod to Hawkeye being on the team and a Pepper Pots namedrop!

That’s all the Easter eggs found in the Avengers Beta for now, but we’ll keep scouring for those sweet references. We’ll be sure to update this page if we find anything else we have to share!

Did you find any Easter eggs we missed? Let us know in the comments or tweet at us!

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