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Nolan North Was In Amy Hennig’s Cancelled Star Wars Game, Says It Could Have Been a Trilogy

Nolan North would have been one of multiple playable characters in Amy Hennig's cancelled Project Ragtag.

Video game voice actor extraordinaire Nolan North, known for roles like Nathan Drake and Iron Man in Square Enix’s Avengers game, recently confirmed that he had a role as a playable character in Amy Hennig’s cancelled Star Wars game, code named Ragtag, which he believed would have been the first in a trilogy.

Speaking to Greg Miller on the Kinda Funny podcast “We Have Cool Friends” North shared that he played a Bounty Hunter type character similar to a Han Solo type, “but lacking the moral compass.” This portion of the podcast begins at roughly 1:18:30

“It was a Bounty Hunter type character, it was kind of… think of a Han Solo type character, yet without the moral compass. So it was interesting. And I wouldn’t even say Han Solo, because there was another character that was like that. He [North’s character] was a bounty hunter, and it was different from Drake, and it was so great.”

Nolan confirmed that his character would have been one of several playable characters. “And there were multiple people that you play as. Think about when you go off in regular Star Wars, you’d go to Dagobah and you’d play as Luke. Then you go to Cloud City you’d play as [someone else].” North did not mean that Luke Skywalker would be playable but rather suggesting that different original characters would be associated with different levels.

“There were multiple people that you play as.”

North declined to name the cast working with him on the project but spoke in loose details about the characters and shooting the motion capture. North told Miller that the game was at least four months into motion capture when it was cancelled, which he claims is unusual in the games industry. “With Ragtag, [there was] at least 4 to 6 months of shooting? We did a bunch of stuff. It was an ensemble they had done with other characters. But it was visually stunning. It was just really cool.”


On the game’s cancellation, North said, “That was a real disappointment when they did that [cancelled Rag Tag]. That was when they were saying “people don’t want narrative driven games,” and things like that. It’s like…”well what do you mean? Yes they do!””

Most importantly North suggested that at one point the creative team and actors on the project believed the Project Rag Tag game would be the first in a full trilogy of games:

“I knew the story that was mapped out for the first one, and it was probably going to be a trilogy type deal.”

Earlier in August, a former Visceral producer shared a few details about the game, saying that with Amy Hennig leading the project, Ragtag would have been the best Star Wars game ever made.



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