Breath Of The Wild 2 Producer Confirms Return Of First Game’s Map

BOTW1's epic overworld will return for the sequel.

While revealing the hack and slash prequel to the record-smashing Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity, longtime Zelda series Producer Eiji Aonuma quietly shared new information about Breath Of The Wild 2’s overworld.

Since the game’s debut at last year’s E3, many fans have wondered if the sequel to Breath of The Wild would share an overworld with its predecessor, much like A Link To The Past and A Link Between Worlds, or have a brand new world but shared physics and art, as with Ocarina Of Time and Majora’s Mask. During the video debut of Age Of Calamity, Aonuma spoke briefly about the sequel game, telling fans,

“Regarding the sequel, in order to make the vast world you enjoy exploring in the original game even more impressive, the team is working hard on its development. So you’ll have to wait a bit longer before we can provide more updates.”

This is about the closest thing we’ve gotten to official confirmation that players will once again touch down on the ground they explored rigorously in Breath Of The Wild 1. With the underground nature of the Breath Of The Wild 2 trailer, many fans had furiously debated where this game would take place and if we’d revisit the beloved locales from the first game.

Aonuma’s quote leads us to believe we’ll largely be exploring the same territory as the first game, albeit with “even more impressive” additions to its geography. This could mean new buildings built on top of old locations like new settlements and towns in previously barren spots. We suspect this “even more impressive” original game’s overworld will be complimented by new areas such as the underground caverns teased in the original trailer.

What are you expecting the split between new and old levels to be in Breath of The Wild 2?

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