The Best iOS 14 Home Screens | Ideas & Inspirations

Get ideas for your new iOS 14 home screen

The new iOS 14 is letting Apple users let their personalities shine in a way that’s never before been doable on the ecosystem, thanks to widgets and customizable app icons.

Courtesy of the #ios14homescreen hashtag we’ve got a look at some of the most inventive, hilarious, and a e s t h e t i c home screens that early adopters of the new OS have created.

First off, let’s look at some soothing color palettes. 

@depressionrts spent a day on this stunning setup:


Dedicated to plant lovers

Memes, Minecraft, plants and Shakespeare by @MaliciousBeee

Timeless Art, Brand New Tech

Dedicated To Anime Lovers

Classic Personal Computer Vibes

PlayStation Memory Card Vibes

And don’t forget the K Pop fans!

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