Attack On Titan Manga Reveals The Female Titan’s True Power

Spoiler warning for Attack On Titan Shingeki No Kyojin Manga Chapter 133! 

We’re in the end game of Isayama’s critically acclaimed action-horror series, and huge reveals are popping off left and right in the manga. The recently released manga chapter titled “Sinners” delivered a huge revelation about the Female Titan’s powers and what role Annie might play in the finale.

What Is The Female Titan’s Power?

In the new chapter it was revealed that the Female Titan’s unique ability is to consume a portion of another Titan Shifter’s flesh in order to borrow its unique ability.

Some fans have already speculated that this is why the Female Titan’s roar in season 1 resembles the Founding Titan’s ability to control standard titans, and why The Female Titan was able to use Titan hardening. It is possible that Annie (or the previous wielder of the Female Titan – it’s not yet clear how long the ability borrowing lasts, if it can be passed down or expires after a new user inherits the Titan). This would mean that the Female Titan consumed a portion of The Founding Titan in the past.

How Will Annie Use The Power?

So what comes next? Annie is currently on a ship heading away from the final battle accompanied by Falco, a young Eldian Warrior who possesses the power of the Jaw titan. In chapter 133 Falco tells Annie he has memories of flying that he believes he gained from Zeke’s Beast Titan, since Falco consumed Zeke’s blood earlier in the manga. Falco’s theory is that The Beast Titan has the hidden ability to fly, and that Falco may have that power buried inside of him since he has Zeke’s blood coursing through his veins.

He and Gabi believe that if Annie’s Female Titan were to eat a portion of Falco’s Jaws Titan body, Annie may be able to borrow the jaws power and more importantly, the power of flight. This will allow Annie, Falco, and Gabi to re-enter the final battle. 

The Female Titan Power Explained

In our opinion, Annie’s power makes The Female Titan one of the most powerful Titans we’ve ever encountered. And to think, she’s been under our nose since season 1…just, you know, covered in a crystal and napping. You can read the Attack On Titan manga for free through the Crunchyroll Manga app if you’re a Crunchyroll member, and you can look forward to The Final Season on Dec 7.

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