Digimon 2020 Plot Synopsis: Story So Far & Lore Explained

If it wasn’t clear from episode 2, 5, or 16, the new 2020 Digimon Adventure series is NOT a beat for beat remake of the 1999 series. In fact, characters and “digital world” aside, it’s basically a brand new series with new enemies, new allies, new world history and new story. Episode 17 & 18 served as an action packed finale to the “getting the ultimates” section of the show, but they also did a great service to the viewers by helping us understand the past, present and future of the digital world the kids find themselves in. This video will be part review of these episodes and part explainer of the new information.

Digimon Adventure 2020: Episode 1 – 5 Recap

But first a recap of the info we’ve already been given. It’s Tokyo Japan in 2020. Mysterious power failures have resulted in a runaway train incident and a historic region wide power outage. These digital phenomena had the strange effect of transporting certain kids into a world of data called the Digital World where they befriend monsters and help them unlock new levels of power. In the fifth episode of the series, Taichi and Sora encounter a monument to “The Holy Digimon” when suddenly those Holy Digimon begin speaking to the kids and tell them the history of this world. There was a battle in the past where six mega level Digimon fighting for good collided with and defeated the forces of evil. But it came at a cost, and those mega level Digimon reverted to eggs. It turns out those megas are the Digimon partners we know today: Agumon, Gabumon, Piyomon, etc. The forces of evil have returned and the Digimon need the help of the human children to get these warrior Digimon back to their mega forms. Finally, the Holy Digimon voices ask the kids to seek them out at a separate location across the Digital sea.

Here I should also mention, a key difference between the 1999 show and 2020 is in 2020 both Kari and TK, Hikari and Takeru are separated from the older kids in the digital world. They’re both stuck in Tokyo but have shown to have a mysterious connection to the happenings of the Digital World through the way a feather landed in their hands in Episode 2 that seemingly resulted in the birth of Omnimon.

That was all the motivation we got between episode 5 and 15 as the kids grew their party and help their partners Digivolve. We got some great stuff here in terms of character growth and animation but the story essentially paused until episode 16, when the kids abruptly found themselves back in the human world, via a glowing door inside the digital world. Only thing is, it turned out this Tokyo was not the real thing: this was a simulation city, a recreation of Tokyo made completely out of Data and still inside the digital world. An eight headed snake digimon, Orochimon, appeared to be behind this and the kids and their ultimate level digimon tried to take it down. They succeed, but this prompts a ten minute countdown timer in both the deteriorating simulation city and in the real world.

Kanzentai Digimon vs. Orochimon

Orochimon strikes back with a vengeance, taking on a new form, and its the series first look at a level beyond Ultimate (Nidhogg Mon). In the real world, phones and electronic devices are burning up and bits of their data are manifesting and sort of flying out as if being transferred somewhere. The kids ultimates are no match for it and the clock is ticking, when just like in episode 2, a feather drops from the sky and from separate locations, Tk and Kari reach out for it. This time their crests are revealed, and this time, we see TK seemingly digitize — but not Kari, this is important and we’ll come back to this — back in fake Tokyo a shield goes up around Taichi and Yamato’s Digimons and just like in episode 2, out comes Omegamon. This is enough of a power boost to stop Nidhoggmon and pause the countdown. The people of Tokyo’s devices cool down, Kari and her mom reunite and Kari keeps the feather from the sky and tells her mom that Taichi is going to be okay.

After the fight is where story comes BACK in a big way, so pay attention here: we get a look at a very small Digimon cloaked in darkness and the countdown starts back up again, going down from 6 seconds to 0 before the kids can do a thing about it. Something — presumably this small Digimon — opens up a rift in the sky of the Digital world that pulls Joe, Sora, Mimi, and Izzy as well as their Digimon inside of it. Devimon appears for the first time in weeks, nods at the small Digimon — it’s unclear if Devimon is thanking his subordinate OR if Devimon reports to / worships this creepy little thing. Nonetheless Devimon appears in front of Taichi and Yamato with a well needed story dump:

“The human world is our feed. The fabricated city may have turned to ashes, but this connection is an inalterable fate.” Yamato asks if this Digimon was behind the fabricated Tokyo and the real world power disasters. “Light exists only to be swallowed by darkness. Resistance equals death.” Taichi asks “Where’s the Holy Digimon?” before they’re blown away and Devimon disappears. Yamato states “we’ll meet again when we reach our goal” setting up a confrontation between the kids and Devimon. He adds “at this rate something will probably happen again in our world.” And Taichi agrees but adds that first they need to find everyone again.

That is where the story currently is as of Episode 18, October of 2020. But given all we know here’s where I see things going and what we can expect.

What Happens Next? 

  1. T.K. is somewhere inside the Digital World now. We saw him Digitize when he reached out to help create Omegamon. It’s not entirely clear yet why he was transferred there and not Kari, but we should be seeing him soon given his placement in the end credits. My guess is that team Sora, Izzy, Joe and Mimi will meet up with T.K. before Yamato and Taichi do. Firstly because we see in the episode 19 preview we see Taichi and Yamato doing their own thing with Leomon, but also I think story wise it’ll be good for T.K. to first interact with the Digital World without his older brother to cling onto and hide behind. It’ll allow him to form a connection with Patamon and sort of learn to stand on his own out of his brother’s shadow.
  2. Devimon is stealing data to create or feed this super weapon of a Digimon. My hope is that it’s Diaboromon but I don’t want to bet money on it. This will be our third act big bad, if / when the kids defeat Devimon they’ll be dealing with this creature that feeds off of the human world’s tech and relies on our tech dependence to contribute to its power. The show will have an opportunity to say something really cool about tech dependence here — I’m not sure if it will because it’s still a kids show and keeping things reeeelatively simple — but I was struck by what Devimon said in this last episode: “the human world is our feed.” Of course that makes me think about, you know, “News Feeds” and immediately made me wonder if it was trying to say something about how by using apps like social media apps we’re giving ourSELVES, our time, our energy, into “feeding” these apps. Maybe it was just a fun choice of words by whoever wrote the official subtitles but I’d love for Digimon to tackle our relationship to tech in a way like that. Time will tell.
  3. No more Omegamon for a while, mega levels, and connecting TK and Kari, whether that means getting back to the real world or getting Kari into the Digital World: the kids now know that power beyond ultimate is possible thanks to their encounter with Nidhoggmon. I believe they’ll attempt to summon Omegamon but will fail and this will be because of some rule where Kari and TK’s divine intervention thing only works if they’re in the same world. The kids will know they nEED mega level power but can’t access Omegamon, and this will force them to push beyond in their own way, giving us the likes of Wargreymon, Vikemon, Metalgarurumon, Rosemon, etc.
  4. The Holy Digimon…Angemon and Angewomon! Eagle eyed fans noticed in episode 5, that shot of the mega level Digimon did not include TK and Kari’s Digimon partners, just the 6 older kids’ Digimon. I believe the Holy Digimon we’re searching for are going to include TK and Kari’s Digimon partners. It could be that in the ancient battle we flashed back to in episode 5, the 6 megas were enough to temporarily defeat the darkness or SURPRESS the darkness but not defeat it forever, hence why it’s back now. With the help of the Holy Digimon, the tides will turn in the favour of light defeating darkness.

In summary we potentially have two very interesting stories developing: one is this very traditional fantasy RPG story of light over darkness, a pretty simple story but one accented by tech, two worlds, digivolutions and all that good Digimon stuff. The second — not cemented but what I’m hoping for — is possibly this cautionary tale about our technology usage contributing to something sinister that does not have our best interest at heart. In that metaphor I guess Devimon are the big tech companies collecting our data. I REALLY want this to be explored but it might be too intense for Digimon. I’m hoping it’s not too intense but only time will tell.

So that’s where we are with the new Digimon Adventure series! Is it too complicated? Too simple? do you prefer the “find a way home” story from Digimon adventure 1999? Let me know if you have an alternate prediction for where this story goes by leaving a comment. And if you enjoyed the recap and you enjoyed the theory about what’s next, please share this video with your Digimon loving pals, tell them they need to check out the new show!

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