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Takeru Meets Angemon in 2020 Reboot | Digimon Adventure: 2020 Episode 20 Review – The Seventh One Awakens

Angemon saves TK Takeru in Digimon Adventure 2020

Things are heating up in the Digital World this week as our seventh member of the chosen children, Takeru or T.K. has finally entered the picture as well as the first Holy Digimon, Angemon. Episode 20 is a well crafted rescue mission story that takes advantage of the Digimons’ anatomy for some unique action sequences.

Last week Tai and Matt infiltrate a fortress Digimon with Leomon in order to extract a mysterious package that Leomon knows Devimon’s forces greatly value. At the end of the episode we see the kids reach the package and discover that it’s a tube containing Matt’s younger brother, T.K., who we last saw digitizing in episode 18 when he reached out to the sky to help create Omnimon.

Presumably in between now and then, Takeru landed in the desert area of the Digital World and was intercepted by the dark forces before he could find his brother or the others. This is one guess that I got wrong, seeing as how in my episode 18 review I predicted Takeru would meet up with the other kids before meeting Matt and Tai, to allow TK some time to build character without his brother by his side.


Speaking of the other kids, we saw that time has passed since last week when the other half of the DigiDestined arrived in the real, real world. It’s been at least a day and Sora and Izzy meet up in a park to plan what’s next. There’s an interesting exchange here where Sora asks Izzy what his parents thought of their 3 day absence, and Izzy hesitates to answer as if there’s something weird going on with his family. In the original show Izzy was adopted but his parents loved him to bits, so I’m not sure what he was hesitating about. Are they changing the characters’ relationship with their parents? This could be interesting and I’m looking forwards to the next time we get to hear about Izzy’s family dynamic.

Before he can explain, though, Tentomon chimes in on Izzy’s laptop in a scene that was reminiscent of the Digimon partners appearing on computer screens during the Our War Game middle section of the Digimon movie. It turns out our missing Digimon are safe, and are actually in that in-between Network style world that Ta and Matt occupied in the first couple of episodes. We don’t get much more out of this B plot other than knowing the kids are safe and the whereabouts of the partner Digimon.


The rest of the episode is dedicated to Matt and Tai trying to save TK. Velgemon tears the roof off of Valvemon — which is actually quite violent when you consider Valvemon is a living organism — and grabs TK out of the pod. The kids’ Digimon transform to Ultimate – or Kanzentai – so that Metal Greymon can take flight to pursue Velgemon. Metalgreymon simply isn’t fast enough, but accepting this fact results in this incredible combo move where Weregarurumon tells Metalgreymon to fire one of his giga blaster missiles which Weregarurumon then rides and eventually surfs on to get closer to Velgemon. In the past Digimon attacks have been individual blast or punch animations that are all pretty self-contained, but the new series has been so amazing about adding physicality and strategy to the fight sequences, and now they’re introducing these incredible combo moves. It feels like someone on the inside working on this show is a lifelong fan who’s really passionate about seeing some of these powers mix and match, and I’m totally here for it.

Taking that one step further, Metalgreymon manages to close in the distance between him and Velgemon and fires out his mega claw / trident arm tether. It latches onto Velgemon’s leg and creates a bridge that Yamato runs across. It was satisfying again seeing the Digimon’s anatomy and physical forms _matter_ in the action sequences; I can’t think of many cases where Metalgryemon has actually taken advantage of that tether arm in the past. And it was great seeing Matt run across the arm and dive onto Velgemon. This series has been letting the kids get up close and active in the battles since the first episode and I continue to love that. They’re not just cheering from the sides.

The Birth Of Angemon

Matt breaks through this orb holding TK and pulls him out, really nice animation here. I also enjoy this scene of Matt and TK holding each other when Weregarurumon shows up and meets TK, it’s like meeting a family member. The team retreats and things are looking good on land until Velgemon sends out this massive suppression wave which paralyzes the kids and their Digimon. Velgemon somehow gets TK again — matt is screaming no, TK is screaming stop it, and that’s when a beam of light cuts between TK and Velgemon. The light dims down and we see Angemon, one of the fabled Holy Digimon the kids have been searching for since episode 5.

A Digivice is created in TK’s hands and Angemon lowers TK back to the ground. Somehow, just Angemon’s presence is enough to give Metalgreymon and Weregarurumon this massive power-up and with this Holy energy they make short work of Velgemon. Even though Angemon didn’t directly do the fighting, the energy he lent Matelgreymon and Weregarurumon plus the scape from Devimon’s prison must have drained him, and he started to break down just like when TK first lost Angemon in the original series. I appreciate the visual callback even if it wasn’t quite as dramatic as the original birth and destruction of Angemon.

Angemon’s data starts reforming into an egg and Agumon and Gabumon inform the kids that all Digimon start and end in the egg form. Right before TK can reach out to grab the egg it’s swept up by SkullKnightmon who my viewers correctly guessed when I asked last week for hints about that silhouetted Digimon working with Devimon. Skullknightmon is best known from Digimon Xros Wars, so another bit of a crossover / shoutout to another series here, like how Velgemon was originally best known from Frontier. The egg containing a Holy Digimon is snatched and the episode ends here.


My eyes were glued to the screen for the entirety of this episode. I loved seeing Matt in a determined state of panic knowing there was no way he’d let the bad guys get away with his younger brother. The creative action sequence that involved Weregarurumon riding Metalgreymon’s missiles was even better than last week when Agumon rode Garurumon, and having Matt sprint across Metalgreymon’s tether arm was such a great use of the Digimon’s moves and physical form. The appearance of Angemon brought the episode to the next level, and seeing the power boost he gave to our existing Digimon leaves me excited to see how powerful the Ultimate Digimon can become with the help of Holy Digimon. It’s a 9/10 episode from me, one of the best of the new series in my opinion.

What do you think will happen next? How far away do you think Kari is from joining the crew? Are we thinking 3 episodes? 5? 10? more? Let me know in the comments where you see things going from here. If you haven’t already be sure to watch my Last Evolution Kizuna Ending explained video and subscribe for new episode reviews! You can also catch up on the existing episode reviews if you’re new to the channel and like what you saw. Okay, see you next week!

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