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A New Form Between Ultimate And Mega?! Sagitarius Mode & Alteros Mode EXPLAINED | Digimon Adventure: 2020 Episode 22 Review

Have a seat and grab yourself a coffee, Digimon fans, because there is so much to break down from the latest two episodes of the 2020 Digimon Adventure: reboot. Cutting right to the chase — because there’s no way to dance around this — the new show has officially introduced a new form or “mode” that bridges the gap between Ultimate and Mega level Digimon. We have officially seen two new forms for main character partner Digimon: Metalgreymon Alteros Mode last week and the flying Weregarurumon Sagitarius Mode this week. But the question on everyone’s mind: will the other chosen children’s Digimon be getting Ultimate upgrades?

We are 22 episodes into the new reboot of the Digimon show you fell in love with in 1999, and if one thing’s clear, this show is not a beat for beat recreation of the 99 series with updated animation. Take last week for instance: the DigiDestined team you know and love is split up with Tai, Matt and Tk (Taichi, Yamato, and Takeru) in the Digital World infiltrating the new Devimon’s castle in order to take back the stolen Digi Egg containing Angemon. Last week Tai and Matt’s Digimons faced off against a Miasma spewing monster of a mon that got the upper hand of Metalgreymon and punctured his non-metal arm with its teeth, infecting Metalgreymon with a dark purple discoloration. Shortly after Metalgreymon seemingly embraced or absorbed the dark miasma in his arm and transformed his right arm into a lance style rail cannon. It did not receive this name in the show, but the Japanese Twitter account for Digimon is calling this new Ultimate form “Metalgreymon Alteros Mode”

This week, the kids got even farther into the castle and faced off against the ever imposing Skullknightmon. Once again our heroes were having a hard time, particularly once Skullknightmon Digivolved into Darkknightmon. Weregarurumon was pierced by shadowy dark arrows from Skullknightmon and pinned against a wall. It was…violent, but after seeing Matt and TK in peril at the bottom of a miasma pit, Weregarurumon absorbed the shadow arrows that impailed him and using that energy sprouted mechanical wings. He took on a form the Japanese Twitter account for Digimon has proclaimed “Weregarurumon Sagitarius Mode”

This form is next level and has to be a dream come true for lifelong Weregarurumon fans. The new wings allow him to fly at breakneck speed, getting around Darkknightmon to grab Matt, TK and the Digitama DigiEgg in a flash. As if that wasn’t enough, Weregarurumon plucks two of his roughly six wings from his back and uses them as dual blades to match Darkknightmon’s weapon based combat style.

So, if your hype level for the new show is not at this point at an 11/10 allow me to explain to you all the reasons why it should be based on these new forms.

1. Dark Digimon / X Antibody Virus Inspired? 

These new forms clearly have an origin in dark energy, and the idea of hero Digimon embracing the dark energy is compelling. Metalgreymon’s arm became infected from a miasma bite, while Weregarurumon’s new form was triggered when he absorbed Dark arrow right into him. Will these Digimons’ decisions to embrace the darkness backfire in future episodes? Will it result in something like Skullgreymon or Blackwargreymon? The show likes to play fast and loose with how and why Digimon from past series can reappear in this show so anything is possible.

There’s also the X Antibody Virus type factor of it all. This is an element of Digimon that has not been in the mainline anime before but in some of the games there is a thing called the X Antibody that creates alt forms of certain Digimon. There’s Metalgreymon Virux X, and Weregarurumon X and there are even more will get to soon. But the point is the similarity between these X Antibody types and the new forms is striking; the wings and the rail cannon are right from these X Antibody Mons.

2. New Forms For All Main Digimon? 

Moments ago I alluded to there being even more X Antibody versions of main character Digimon. Take for instance Lilymon X that follows the same rules and origin as the X Digimon mentioned above. So, the big question which we’ll probably know for sure in the next couple of episodes is: are all the kids’ Digimon partners getting this new form between Ultimate and Mega? Episode 5 of this show confirmed that we’ll see the Mega versions of these Digimon later down the road, so granting each of them a form in between would still keep the surprise and magic alive, just like when you were a kid and had never seen Metalgreymon until his debut episode, that’s kind of how Alteros Mode felt and if the show decided to do that for each of the main Mons it would be a game changer.

But will it happen? The argument FOR it is that X Antibody versions of these Digimon — the things these new versions are based off of — DO exist to be adapted. There’s also this line Koshiro said last week during the “Digimon Encyclopedia” where when explaining Metalgreymon Alteros Mode he said “I wonder if Kabuterimon is hiding something too.” We also can’t forget a small detail from this week, that the Digitama DigiEgg containing what will become Angemon, did touch the dark miasma for a moment before TK could fish it out of the pit. Is this enough to create a lingering effect where when the time comes for Angemon or HolyAngemon he’ll have some kind of dark alternative form like Alteros or Sagitarius?

The argument AGAINST the other kids getting new forms it is well, 1. this week Koshiro when explaining Weregarurumon also said “maybe he needs a vest to upgrade his fashion sense” so unless Weregarurumon suddenly gets a leather vest I think we should factor in some things Koshiro says in the Encyclopedia segment are just meant as jokes and not foreshadowing.

The other reason it might just be Tai and Matt’s Digimon getting Alteros and Sagitarius Mode is simply because of Tai and Matt getting preferential treatment since 1999. In that show they were the only two with Megas. Now that everyone is getting Megas, are they going to be the only two with X Antibody Types? They are after all the only two in the new series who get the fancy animation sequence, so we know that the new showrunners do value Matt and Tai with higher regard. Again, the next couple weeks should inform us if others are getting the X Antibody mod treatment. Lilymon was teased for Next week’s Digimon Encyclopedia segment, implying she may have a bigger role next week so this could be a make or break moment.

Finally, the third big question based off of these new forms:

3. Does Alternative Ultimates Mean Alternative Megas?

Namely, VictoryGreymon and ZeedGarurumon. These alternative takes on Wargreymon and Metalgreymon originate in the world of Digimon games and diehard fans have been loyal to these designs for years. Seeing them brought into the canon of Digimon Adventure would be incredible. Since we’ve already seen the silhouettes of the Megas we know and love PLUS Omegamon in action, if the show wanted a late series surprise VictoryGreymon and Zeedgarurumon could be the way to go.

Episode Highlights

That’s all that we can safely discuss about the new types without spinning too far out into wild theory territory. Other episode highlights from Episode 22 of course including the bravery Takeru exhibited in saving the Digitama, I was truly not expecting TK to be so independent. I also loved Gabumon / Weregarurumon sort of taking Takeru under his wing as his second human partner until the day his egg hatches. The family bond dynamic was super sweet and it made Weregarurumon feel like a real older brother to both the siblings. We’ve also got our first fully coloured look at Devimon and it seems that next week is our showdown. Will the Alteros and Sagitarius Modes reactivate? How do they reactive or are they one and done scenarios? Will the darkness that both Digimon absorbed play a role in the next battle? I’m looking forward to finding out and talking about it with all of you this time next week. So thanks for watching and we’ll talk next week!

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