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Digimon Adventure: 2020 Episode 23 Review – NeoDevimon: New Devimon Evolution Line Explained

This week’s episode of the 2020 Digimon Adventure Reboot showed us just how terrifying the new Devimon can be through an evolution line that is new to Adventure, and gave us a bit more info about how the new evolution modes Alteros and Sagittarius are going to work moving forward.

The episode is a non-stop battle, for better or worse. The build up to the battle you expect in typical storytelling occurred last week so we cut straight to the action. It’ll make fans happy but it also made the episode feel a bit samey: two fights in two locations occurring at the same time for 20 minutes straight.

NeoDevimon Episode

As strange as it may sound my favorite part may have been the start of the Devimon battle for just how video game like it felt. A big boss spitting out laser blasts from the middle of the map while the good guys inch closer by using a cover system. I also enjoyed seeing the extent of Devimon’s power as he would just blast Metalgreymon and Weregarurumon when he made contact. I couldn’t help but notice the impact of certain attacks and the marks they left – it made me feel like I did when Metalgreymon and Taichi were becoming covered in Miasma two episodes ago, where I wondered if this would have a long lasting effect. I wonder if next week some of those scratches Devimon caused will come back to haunt us.

Elsewhere the remaining chosen children fight a battle to save Tokyo from a runaway boat by challenging Calamaramon. Here I will admit I was a bit disappointed in the B plot: myself and many commenters already felt like the kids in Tokyo were getting left behind in favour of Taichi and Yamato, and I really thought this battle could be a moment to prove us wrong and show that their plot was equally amazing. Instead the battle was fairly straightforward, oftentimes silly. There was no reason given why the kids’ Digimon couldn’t go straight to ultimate and once they did get to ultimate it was a super straightforward win. Fans of the channel know I praise the new series anytime they do anything unique with the action scenes — such as having Taichi and Yamato rely on a cover system to get close to Devimon — but fans also know I’m easily dissatisfied with the “punch harder” anime trope and this fight had punch harder written all over it.

Devimon Vs Angemon 2020

In the Digital World, Devimon is winning when Takeru takes a stand. I continue to be impressed by this kid’s bravery and we see Poyomon evolve into Tokomon. I’m not sure what happens here — whether it just triggered a bad memory or enough concern — but the Tokomon debut fills Devimon with such anger and pain that he evolves into an Ultimate Digimon new to at least the Adventure series, Neodevimon. He seemingly achieves this creepy new form by stealing energy from the scene of the other kids’ battle, sort of cementing the comment from a few episodes ago “your world is our FEED” which seemed to suggest the master plan of Devimon in this show is harvesting the computing power of the human world to bring Digimon power levels to new heights.

Angemon in Digimon 2020

Metalgreymon and Weregarurumon stand even less of a chance against NeoDevimon here, that is until the other kids get a win in the network world against Calamaramon. Again though, I didn’t love that it was as simple as “let’s try going to ultimate” — we’ve seen the group go to Ultimate in the past in the network world when they fought Orochimon in fake Tokyo. The show could have added a simple line or two to explain why they couldn’t do this earlier, maybe say the energy Calamaramon and the tower emit prevent ultimate evolution, but since Devimon gobbled up all that energy to evolve, the kids’ Digimon were free to evolve. That way it’s like Devimon’s own greed and desire for more power is what did him in.

Nevertheless, the kids beat Calamaramon and stop the ship crash, and the destruction of the tower causes NeoDevimon to stall and glitch out, which gives Taichi and Yamato’s Digimon an opportunity to attack. Weregarurumon goes to Sagittarius Mode — sort of unceremoniously but it was cool seeing it return, more on that in just a sec — and Metalgreymon lands a decisive blow. This also struck me as a bit odd and maybe rushed that NeoDevimon was so powerful but then basically one shotted.

NeoDevimon is downed and the kids celebrate, until Darkknightmon reappears and uses the crystal Devimon has been carrying for weeks to trigger what appears to be a Mega evolution for NeoDevimon. His mask cracks in half and the episode ends.


If I had to rate it I’d give it a 6 out of 10.

Not my favorite episode of the show so far though it did answer some questions and for that I’m grateful: we saw Sagittarius Mode which means that these new modes are not one and done instances. We also saw that its use wasn’t a super big moment, which, like it or not, tells us the show is going to treat it less like a new form and more like a new weapon. We also did not see any of the other kids’ Digimon get a new form / mod this week. That fact doesn’t confirm that it’s only going to be Taichi and Yamato getting these new forms, but for people who believe that to be true it definitely adds more strength to their argument. I’d give it a few more episodes before we can safely say Lilymon X isn’t happening.

I think next week will be a stronger episode: we’re seeing in the preview something very ominous going on with Taichi and Metalgreymon where it’s looking like they’re possessed. Is this the result of those Miasma wounds? Or maybe the scars that NeoDevimon left on Metalgreymon this week? Will it result in Skullgreymon? And will the two teams reunite? Let me know what you think is going to happen and let me know if I’m alone in my feelings on this episode.

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