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Agumon Dark Digivolves To Machinedramon | Digimon Adventure: 2020 Episode 2020 Review | The Darkest Episode EVER?

Okay folks. I’m not going to beat around the bush or make you wait until the end of the video to give you my verdict on this one. Episode 24 is the single best episode of the Digimon Adventure 2020 Reboot, and quite possibly one of the best episodes in the 20 years of Digimon period. The production quality on this episode somehow rivalled the animation of Last Evolution Kizuna, of other shows; the final fight looked like the Overhaul vs Midoriya at 100% battle in My Hero Academia. I could not believe I was getting this quality — and darkness — from Digimon.

But let’s rewind real quick and set the stage. Taichi Yamato and Takeru had just defeated the new ultimate Devimon form, NeoDevimon, thanks to an assist from the other kids in the real world. Just as NeoDevimon seemed defeated his ally DarkKnightmon seemingly resurrected him using a crystal that many fans are saying is MoonMilleniumon. This episode starts and the newly awakened Mega, DawnDevimon rises from the ashes of NeoDevimon. This thing is monstrous, it’s like if Venom moved off of Eddie Brock and onto Devimon. And it produced more of this corrupting Miasma than any Digimon we’ve seen so far – enough to form two arms of Miasma. Taichi and Yamato ride Metalgreymon into battle but when it appears to Taichi that they’re about to get grabbed by the Miasma hands, Taichi herocially pushes Yamato off of Metalgreymon to avoid Miasma infection. Taichi realized Yamato has a brother to protect here and now and shows enough confidence in his friend, believing if he gets taken down that Yamato and Gabumon can step up. It’s awesome stuff.

Metalgreymon and Taichi look worse than ever and are immobilized so Yamato and Weregarurumon step up to the plate, only to get whipped to the ground like the Beast Titan throwing rocks; it was brutal and the two’s bounce back got an audible gasp out of me. Takeru runs towards his brother while Taichi — seemingly with a broken arm — slowly chases after Takeru. It’s here where I thought “this is the darkest episode of Digimon ever” and the hilarious thing is this was only the beginning. After a barrier made by Tokomon shatters at the hands of Dawn Devimon, Taichi absolutely loses it and Metalgreymon goes into this berserk mode. What I loved here is that while Metalgreymon initially delivers some heavy blows to DawnDevimon, he still loses – this flies in the face of all the “punch harder” moments of Digimon so far where a new form instantly equals a win. Metalgreymon is bested, and — remember how I said it gets darker — Taichi is eaten alive.

Taichi is Eren’s mom and Metalgreymon is Eren: Seeing this happens Metalgreymon rises in a horrifying calmness before quickly snapping and erupting into Machinedramon, the show giving us a Dark Digivolution. The show’s Metalgreymon evolution animation has included Machinedramon clamping down on Greymon since day one so it was truly incredible to see that actually come to fruition; it’s as if Digivolving to Ultimate was always playing with fire or something, and now Metalgreymon flew too close to the sun. This Machinedramon is different from Adventure 1999 or Tri, it’s burning red like a hot stove ring and screaming out. Its animation here again is absolutely unbelievable and upon being taunted by Dawn Devimon it nonsensically attacks. Once this evolution actually isn’t enough to beat Dawn Devimon and again I love this, it’s the fact that Machinedramon is without a partner and consumed by rage it has zero strategy and that’s why it can’t win.

Tokomon is heartbroken by seeing a fellow Digimon consumed by evil power and asks Takeru to lend his strength, which results in the second coming of Angemon. Here I think Angemon’s use is brilliant: it’s not that Angemon shows up and has a magufin attack that can one shot DawnDevimon or turn Machinedramon to the side of good — he talks to his fellow Digimon. Tries to get Machinedramon to calm down and remember who he’s fighting for. In a scene that gave me shivers, Agumon emerges from Machinedramon, crying and screaming Taichi’s name after recalling their many adventures so far. Machinedramon begins to crack and out comes a shining golden Wargreymon, who in a triumphant piece of animation that matches My Hero Academia’s best moments, blasts through DawnDevimon, both pacifying the enemy and retrieving Taichi. The ground begins to rumble but aside from that Taichi and Agumon are reunited. Oh — and Patamon is born too!

I finished this episode and I couldn’t believe what I just watched. Fans of the channel will have heard this line a million times, but when I started watching this show, I fully expected the remake to be for very young kids, something that a new generation could fall in love with that would simply not be made with us in mind,  but that maybe we could find things to like about if we accepted that condition. This episode though, I have no idea in what universe this is made for kids. This episode was like how I felt with Kizuna, and Cyber Sleuth and Tri before it: this is Digimon made for me. This was masterful animation and masterful 20 minutes of storytelling. As an arc, you know I’m still not that happy with the backseat roles given to the other kids, and this episode didn’t remedy that in any way, but as a single episode of television not an arc, this was unbeatable. Unprecedented.

This is Digimon 2020’s Demon Slayer Episode 19, the moment where I now have to tell all my friends they need to watch this show and “wait till episode 24 bro.” It feels like it just ushered in a new era of Digimon. This deserves my highest rating, a 10/10.

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