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Ryo In Digimon Adventure 2020 Theory EXPLAINED

25 episodes into the 2020 reboot of Digimon Adventure we are starting to understand just who exactly the series’ final boss is likely to be. Thanks to the last few episodes and some cyber sleuths in TheDigiKnow community, we’ve got a really strong theory for where Adventure:2020 is heading and today we’re explaining it. It has everything to do with MoonMillenniummon and the Legendary Tamer who leapt through time, Ryo Akiyama.

So last week was a landmark episode for the new 2020 Digimon Adventure series. Episode 24 saw the destruction of the show’s main villain thus far at the hands of a sort of prototype Wargreymon, but perhaps more importantly we saw Agumon dark Digivolve into Machinedramon, or Mugendramon in the Japanese. This was an incredible moment for long term fans, and not just because in the 1999 English Dub Agumon joked about one day becoming a Dark Master himself, but because Machinedramon is an essential component in the creation of Millenniummon and MoonMillenniummon, a villanous Digimon associated with Ryo and known best from the video games.

Why do I bring up MoonMillenniummon in discussing Adventure 2020? Well, because he’s been present in these last few episodes whether you noticed or not.

First Devimon, and then Skullknightmon have carried a purple crystal around, and its energy is what first transformed Devimon into NeoDevimon, and then NeoDevimon into DawnDevimon. It’s also very likely the source of that purple miasma that’s been plaguing the Digital World since around Episode 10. That crystal shares an uncanny resemblance to MoonMillenniummon, a Digimon whose previous form, Millenniummon, is the combination of Mugendramon and Kimeramon. So there are three parts to the Millenniummon equation: MoonMillenniummon, Mugendramon, and Kimeramon…and Adventure 2020 has two of these components already.

All that’s missing is Kimeramon, but if this horrifying Digimon appears in the near future for Adventure, it is quite likely that Millenniummon will enter the picture by harvesting the data of Kimeramon and Agumon’s Mugendramon form. Maybe Agumon will lose control again, or forced to Digivolve, or the residual data from the previous evolution to Mugendramon in Episode 24 will be enough to produce Millenniummon.

Following so far? To summarize, it’s looking like the evolution line of Millenniummon, MoonMillenniumon, and eventually ZeedMillenniummon are very likely to be our final boss in this new series, considering the presence of the MoonMillenniummon crystal plus the appearance of Mugendramon.

So there’s one other key component of the Millenniummon lore that I’m so excited to tell you about, and this is a character some of you anime only fans will remember from back in the day: Ryo Akiyama. Yeah, that Ryo. From Digimon Tamers.

Ryo is a fascinating character who has appeared in several timelines and for those who don’t know, he originated in Digimon video games before becoming this multiverse character who appeared in Our War Game, in Adventure 02, and in Tamers. In his first game, he teams up with Taichi’s Agumon who reaches out through Ryo’s computer screen when Taichi and the other DigiDestined are missing. Long story short, Ryo travels the Digital World and rescues the Adventure 1999 DigiDestined one by one before reaching the final enemy, Millenniummon and saving Taichi. Agumon returns to Taichi’s side and Ryo goes back to his normal life. That’s game one.

In his next video game outing, Ryo and his archrival Millenniummon are sent through time. He recruits several DigiDestined throughout time to stop Millenniummon’s next form, ZeedMillenniummon. When all is said and done, him and a new DigiTama are sent back not to the world of 1999 Adventure canon but of Digimon Tamers timeline. Shortly thereafter, he and Cyberdramon appear in Tamers, he beats Rika in a card game tournament, and the rest is history. This is all canon, mind you!

Still with me? Thank you. We’re almost done here, I promise. Ok let’s gather what we know. Ryo is a multiverse travelling DigiDestined. His fate is tied to Millenniummon. Digimon Adventure 2020 is set in an alternate universe from Digimon Adventure 1999. Digimon Adventure 2020 is clearly teasing and straight up showing us MonnMillenniummon. Therefore, the theory goes that Ryo is set to appear in Digimon Adventure 2020 and assist in the takedown of the series big bad, Millenniummon or ZeedMillenniummon.  This would be incredibly wild and meta because it would effectively confirm that both Adventure 1999 Taichi and friends as well as 2020 Taichi and friends exist in the same canon, just in alternate timelines. And I know what you’re thinking: “that’s too crazy for a kids show” — except it’s not, because Digimon already did this with Tamers, having a multiverse hopping character.

The other reason why Ryo showing up as a late season addition to the cast  could work is the same reason why I thought Alteros Mode and Sagittarius Mode work so well. Digimon Adventure 2020 is — in theory — the first time we know every upcoming evolution form, so adding Alteros Mode and Sagittarius Mode created that same element of surprise that we felt as kids in 1999 when a new form appeared. In a similar fashion, Digimon has historically had a late series character enter the picture, kind of like Power Ranger series where a sixth ranger enters a picture eventually. In Adventure 99 it was Kari, in 02 it was Ken, in Frontier it was Koichi. In Digimon 2020 it’s arguably T.K. AND Kari, but we already know they’re coming so it’s not really a surprise. In the same way that Metalgreymon Alteros Mode allowed us to be caught off guard again, maybe Adventure 2020 is distracting us with TK and Kari so that it can blow our minds with a THIRD new character, Ryo.

Don’t worry, I also think this sounds too good to be true, but you have to consider how unbelievably wild Digimon 2020 has been so far. In episode one they ended by announcing to us that their first mini arc was a retelling of Our War Game. In episode two they showed us Omegamon, who we all assumed would be the final evolution of the series. In episode 21 they introduced a brand new evolution mod type with Alteros Mode. Then in episode 24 as we all remember they showed Agumon go to Mugendramon. The gloves are off, the mad lads at Toei working on Digimon are holding nothing back, and for that reason I believe this theory is entirely plausible.

So now, I’ve got to know, what do you think about all of this? Is it adding up or do you think it’s impossible? Maybe you think MoonMillenniummon is happening but not Ryo? As always comment to let me know!

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