Who are The Yeagerists and What Is Eren’s Plan? Attack On Titan The Final Season EXPLAINED

Remember the good old days of Attack On Titan Season 1? When there were two clear sides with two clear goals? Humanity! Titans! Simpler times! 

Fast Forward 3 and a half seasons and you’ve got Warriors. Shifters, Eldians, Marleyans, Anti-Marleyan Volunteers, countless other nations and now, our newest Attack On Titan Faction, the Jaegerists, otherwise known as The New Eldian Empire

Here’s a short video we whipped up explaining who the Jaegerists are, what is their goal, why do they believe what they believe, and who their members include. So if you’re loving Attack on Titan but you think you could maybe benefit from an explainer, please enjoy, leave a like, and subscribe to get more AoT explainers like this one! Oh and don’t worry, this This video will NOT cover manga spoilers, we’re only talking about what anime viewers should know as of Season 4 Episode 12 .

 The Jaegerists are, in short, Eldians from Paradis island, largely with military background training, who believe that Eren and Zeke Jaeger are the future of Eldia, their only chance at survival, and the true leaders of the island. They believe that Eren Jaeger was justified in his attack on Marley from season 4 episode 5, as the nation of Marley instigated violence  after spending 100 years dropping Titans off on the island of Paradi. The Jeagerists are in support of Zeke’s plan to activate a Rumbling  — which would involve the blood brothers Eren and Zeke making physical contact, causing Zeke’s Royal Blood unlock to unlock Eren’s Founding Titan Power, allowing Eren to wake an unknown number of thewall titans to march onwards towards the rest of the world as a show of The New Eldian Empire’s Power. 

For the full explanation, watch our video above! And don’t forget to watch Attack On Titan via Funimation Now or Crunchyroll.

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  1. I loved it this was very helpful thank you because I was kinda lost even tho I watch season 4 multiple times😅

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