You Need To Listen To The Hate Ballad “I Want To Kick Baby Yoda In The Ribs”

What is it with humans always saying they want to pinch, squeeze, or eat cute things like babies? Science calls it ‘cute aggression‘ and it apparently has to do with a rebalancing of emotions to help us survive: if we’re too busy gawking over how cute a baby is, we’d be too distracted to take care of it, and the baby would starve.

It’s probably the evolutionary impulse that inspired internet musician Billy Cob to write the hateful power ballad “I Want To Kick Baby Yoda In The Ribs” – a hilarious declaration of war against the cute little alien that took the world by storm last November.

Peep these lyrics:

I want to see that he’ll never need to breathe
As his cradle’s buried deep under the sod
Strong with the force he may be
But that doesn’t impress me
Want to drown him in the swamps of Dagobah

Yeesh. Besides the lyrics, the real appeal of the song is the genuine talent behind the instrumentals, which sound like a lost Weezer b-side from the Pinkerton era. That comparison shouldn’t be surprising; Billy Cobb also put out the Weezer tribute-ish album, Zerweewhich was a near perfect recreation of the early Weezer sound.

More on Cute Aggression

“Scientists suspect that cute aggression is the brain’s way of coping with the overwhelming response that occurs when these two powerful brain systems are triggered; to temper the onslaught of positive feelings, in other words, the brain tosses in a dash of aggression. And there may be a good reason, evolutionarily speaking, why this occurs.

“[I]f you find yourself incapacitated by how cute a baby is—so much so that you simply can’t take care of it—that baby is going to starve,” Stavropoulos says.”

-Smithsonian Mag

The Amazing Art Of The ARMS Twitter Account

With the double whammy of news that ARMS is currently free for Nintendo Switch Online members and that it’s coming to Smash this June, the 2017 arena fighter is getting a nice little boost in popularity again. Now is as good a time as any to remind you about the amazing Japanese Twitter account for Arms that was pumping out incredible, original art from 2017 to 2019. Behold!


While the game itself never offered much in the way of story beyond tiny snippets of text in between matches of the story mode, the development team used Twitter as a means to flesh out its characters in sometimes cute, sometimes hilarious, always awesome ways.

We were told things about the characters, like that Ribbon Girl was a pop star for instance, but never really got to see them outside of the arena. That is, not unless you followed the Japanese Twitter account where we got to see the cast slice-of-life style.

Like the time we saw Twintelle working out her hair at the gym:


Or the time Mechanica popped out of her mech to read under a tree in Autumn.


Or whenMin Min brough gifts to a group of young fans?


…Or the boys playing Beyblades. You know, as one does. 

There was also the time ARMS predicted 2020 way back in 2017


With these art pieces it seems the team behind ARMS had attempted the same approach that Hero shooters like Overwatch employ; minimal in game story (focusing on pure gameplay) with supplemental online media that fleshes out more of the world at a lower cost to create. While it would have been rad to see the world of ARMS further expanded in game, we’re just stoked to see this stuff at all.

There was Also Seasonal Art Pieces!

Here’s Ribbon Girl on Christmas, for example!

Not cute enough for you? Here’s Master Mummy and Min Min all dressed up on Halloween:

ARMS Characters In Smash Bros

We even got a look at our boy Springman in Smash Bros. Ultimate, back when he was first announced as an assist trophy. Seeing this again helps you visualize what it’ll look like when Arms Characters come to Smash fully this June.

Until last week, the account was inactive since June 2019, which was the 2 year anniversary of ARMS. Since the Smash Bros announcement, however, the account is tweeting again. Here’s hoping that means new original art as we approach the Smash Bros. date and the game’s three year anniversary!

Follow Arms on Twitter

How A Five Second Scene Saved Season 4: Mirio in My Hero Academia

Many fans felt the fourth season of My Hero Academia wasn’t quite as consistently strong as past seasons, with some fans even outright feeling it was the show’s first bad season. While calling the season objectively bad may be a stretch, it’s not hard to see understand those who feel it was a bit of a mixed bag. We here on this site were a bit underwhelmed by the season — that is, until a tiny scene in Episode 86 blew us away.

That tiny second scene is of course the emotional double whammy of Eri’s huge smile, coupled with something even more powerful: Mirio’s tearful message to Nighteye. 


Don’t get us wrong. Seeing Eri finally break free of the physical and emotional torture Chisaki had put her through and finally being able to smile was hugely rewarding. Deku and Mirio have been trying their hardest for months to teach this powerful child how to smile once again. This by itself would have nicely wrapped up the season and given fans ample closure. But we got more than that. We got Mirio.


With the show focusing on so many characters at once, from Deku to Eri, but also the likes of Jiro and even Gentle Criminal, it’s easy to forget just how much Mirio Togata has gone through recently. Formerly the U.A. student with more potential than any other – who took his Quirk from confusing to nearly unstoppable in a fight – Mirio was stripped of his power, seemingly forever. As if that wasn’t a devastating enough blow, his mentor, Nighteye died of injuries suffered during the same battle Mirio lost his powers in.

At this point in the anime neither the viewers nor Mirio know if he’ll ever get his powers back. Nevertheless, he has pushed onward, smiling for Eri, Deku, Nighteye, and himself. Mirio is determined to be good and do right regardless of being super or not.

Nearly 20 episodes ago he vowed to save a little girl and now, after losing his quirk and his mentor, he sees that girl safe and smiling in his arms. He uncontrollably starts to sob. “She smiled…she smiled!” he tearfully thinks. He then asks Midoriya, and more importantly, Nighteye, his mentor who’s left this world, if he can see this from wherever he is. Mirio holds no resentment about what happened to him or Nighteye. He knew he wanted Eri safe, he knew Nighteye wanted Eri safe, and it’s now happened. They did it, together.

Mirio, Deku, Nighteye, and the others saved Eri. Now, Eri’s smile saved Mirio. He’s free.

And while we’re focusing on these perfect five seconds, it’d be irresponsible not to mention that Jiro takes us on a third emotional trip this episode with her expressive vocal performance and mid-song flashback. Huge props to Studio Bones and Horikoshi for their ability to depict emotion.


Make no mistake. It was a loooong season. Even with all the combat, 10+ episodes spent raiding a single area is a lot of time. That’s not even looking at the hit or miss prologue to the raid, or the pleasant but snail-paced slice-of-life Sports Festival followup. But the positivity in the face of uncertainty that Mirio maintained through it all, coupled with him finally allowing himself to let his emotions out, made this season all worth it.

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Words by Corey van den Hoogenband @CoreyOnline

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 58 Review Discussion

Spoilers ahead for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 58!

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 58 is here and things are finally popping off in the Earth portion of the battle against Moro and his forces.

Read the Chapter For Free Now! 

We learned late last night that Ultra Instinct would make an appearance this Chapter, and we now know it’s the final panel of the chapter. What a cliffhanger! Will the technique of the gods be enough to topple Moro? Will Vegeta need to intervene after all, and will he make it back to Earth in time?

Check back tonight for a full spoiler review and breakdown of the latest chapter. Until then, check out Geekdom101’s own discussion video:

Amazing Digimon Movie Fan Art Sees DigiDestined Girl Gang

My favorite part of the North American Digimon Movie was the middle section where the Adventure 01 kids reunited with their Digimon to stop Diaboromon’s internet takeover. But while it was always cool seeing Tai, Matt, T.K. and Izzy in action, a full half of the DigiDestined team sat this movie out! One Reddit user wanted to fix that.

Over on /r/digimon, reddit user sindorman shared an incredible piece of fan art that sees the female chosen children logging onto the internet to join in on the fight. The artist managed to perfectly capture Mamoru Hosoda’s take on the early internet, even giving the girls’ Digimons that glossy internet filter we saw on Agumon and the others 20 years ago.


“As a kid i always wanted Mimi, Sora and Kari to come help fight Diaboromon,” sindorman told fellow Digimon fans on Reddit.  “But since that never happened, i figured i’d have to draw it myself.”

As a kid i always wanted Mimi, Sora and Kari to come help fight Diaboromon, but since that never happened, i figured i’d have to draw it myself 😌 from digimon

Just imagine: TK and Kari’s angel Digimon pairing up! Mimi telecommuting in from Hawaii! Tai and Sora hashing out their beef from the movie over…2000s FaceTime!

Of course, Digimon redditors loved the art, but couldn’t help but point out one person missing. Poor Joe! If we imagine Mimi, Kari, and Sora joining Tai, Matt, Izzy, and T.K. then that means Joe was the only one of the Adventure 01 DigiDestined not in attendance.  Poor Joe can never catch a break.

It’s a shame the “Our War Game” movie had to be so short, because we’d have loved to see all these DigiDestinedDynamics play out on screen in the battle against Diaboromon. If only Hosoda had a second chance to tell the story in Our War Game…oh wait.

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Goku vs. Moro Fight: Dragon Ball Super 58 Spoilers

A week ahead of the release of Dragon Ball Super 58, the official Dragon Ball website has shared early versions of Toyotaro’s manga panels, which tease Goku’s return to Earth and the long awaited rematch between Goku and Moro. Will we see Mastered Ultra Instinct make a reappearance this chapter?  Keep reading to know what to expect!

UPDATE: scroll to the bottom of this article for brand new leaks from Dragon Ball Chapter 58 revealing Ultra Instinct’s return!

Goku Returns To Earth


It appears before Goku and Moro fight, Goku must first help close out some of the battles his fellow Z fighters have been tangled up in around the globe. First  we see Goku and Roshi taking care of the recently fused trio of warriors from Moro’s Galactic Prisoner gang. Whether Goku was needed for this fight or arrived just after Master Roshi singlehandedly defeated them is not known quite yet.


Next we get an important look at the Galactic Patrol on cleanup duty. In the bottom right you’ll notice Galactic Patrolman transporting defeated escapees into their ships, while Goku, Krillin and Roshi look on from above. In the final panel (bottom left) Goku tells Krillin and Roshi “Understood,” before preparing for an instant transmission.

Goku Teams Up With Tien, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu


This page leak is an exciting one: as we saw last month, Tien and Chiaotzu have met up with Yamcha, tugging on those Saiyan Saga nostalgia strings. They seemed to be on the losing end of a battle against one of Moro’s lackeys when Goku confidently teleports in.

With so many fights happening around the globe, we doubt Goku has much time to chat with the trio of O.G. Z Fighters. Our bet is his next stop is to meet up with Gohan, Piccolo, and the others.

Next Stop: Moro vs Goku or Goku vs SaganboDragon-Ball-Super-58-Goku-Vs-Moro-Fight

Last we saw Moro he was staring down a tired group of Z Fighters that includes Gohan, Piccolo, Android 17 and Android 18. A powered up Saganbo is dealing with the four of them while Moro calmly watches.

This Chapter we expect to see one of two things:

    1. Goku takes on Saganbo in a one-on-one fight
    2. Goku’s presence give the four present Z Fighterz the morale boost needed to turn the tide on their fight with Saganbo, while Goku goes straight for Moro.

In either scenario, we predict what follows will be a tired Goku losing to Moro, leaving things all up to Vegeta. The Moro arc has focused on Vegeta making up for some of his past sins, like when he protected the new Namekians in an effort to make up for his past violence against their people.

If we had to guess, Moro vs Goku will be set up up at the very end of Chapter 58, with the actual fight coming next month inside an epic Chapter 59. Vegeta will probably make his appearance at the end of 59, and debut his new Yardrat technique during Chapter 60. Vegeta vs. Moro is the major event we’re counting down for, though whether or not Goku will be able to pull out his Ultra Instinct in this arc also has us super curious!


Huge news: In Chapter 58 Goku reveals to Moro that he has the ability to trigger Ultra Instinct on command!

We also see that Goku demolishes Saganbo before the main event, and it looks like he didn’t even need Ultra Instinct for this opponent.

Let us know what you think will happen by commenting below or tweeting @FanButtonNews !




Someone is Tagging Haunter Graffiti in Toronto | Pokemon Street Art

“Who’s that Graffiti artist?! We don’t know!” 

I was strolling through an alley near Dundas West Station yesterday when a familiar shape on the side of a wall caught my eye. “Is that…Haunter?” I asked, letting my inner Pokemaniac shine.

I paused and looked a bit closer, only to confirm that it was in fact a black silhouette of everyone’s second favourite ghost type Pokemon, Haunter.


The paint bleed dripping down the side is just about the coolest part of this already cool-as-heck piece of street art. Besides that, the fact is appears to be riffing on the “Who’s That Pokemon?” silhouettes from the show is hugely neat.

The purple below and to the left was unrelated (from what I could tell) but it’s a bit of a happy coincidence that it matches the Pokemon’s original colour palette.

Internet, I’m asking for a favour: help me find this artist! Do they have more Pokemon tags, or is Haunter their modus operandi?

Was it you, Japan exclusive Graffiti Pikachu?!

Tweet me with your leads @fanbuttonnews or comment down below~ 


New Digimon Reboot Character Redesigns Side By Side

This just in from Japan! Digimon fan twitter account Digi_Channel has posted brand new art assets from Toei animation that show all of the Digidestined redesigns for the 2020 reboot of Digimon Adventure anime series.

The characters in these assets are all striking the same poses with the same hair and facial expressions, but with slightly more modern outfits. Have a look for yourself!

Matt & Tai or Yamato & Taichi


We’ve already had a few good looks at Tai / Taichi thanks to the trailers, but look at Matt / Yamato! A purple shirt? Grey pants? SLEEVES!?

It’s a big change for sure, perhaps one intended to more closely match his Digimon’s colors?

Sora & Izzy or Sora & Koushiro


No gloves for either character? Okay, we’re noticing a trend here. I guess gloves were just too much of a ’90s thing? Apart from that, Sora’s more pinkish aesthetic definitely matches her partner Digimon. Izzy is also looking pretty fresh with a zip up hoody replacing the button up.

Mimi & Joe


These characters remain the most untouched in the 2020 reboot of Digimon Adventure. Mimi has a different colored hat and no gloves, while Joe has pants instead of shorts. Clearly Mimi’s fashion sense hasn’t changed, and Joe just probably doesn’t care about fashion.

T.K. and Kari or Takeru and Hikari


The two angels of the Digimon adventure franchise are looking more adorable than ever in the new reboot! T.K.’s got a striped shirt while Kari has a sort of jean romper / suspenders outfit going on.

What do you think of the new outfits?

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First Look at Shadow The Hedgehog In Sonic Movie Sequel Art Style

We now know what Shadow The Hedgehog will look like in the Sonic The Hedgehog movie sequel, thanks to a character artist’s amazing work.

Last week, character artist Eman Pelletier took to Twitter to share a take on Shadow The Hedgehog in the 2020 movie style. “I wanted to try my hand at what Shadow might look like in the Sonic Movie Style,” the artist wrote. Feast your eyes on the full piece below:


The piece aims to connect itself with the established movie art style, even using a riff on the first movie’s logo for the “Shadow The Hedgehog” font. Shadow looks edgier than ever, ready to take on or team up with Sonic in a movie sequel.

We previously wrote about why we don’t think Shadow will be in the Sonic Movie sequel, but seeing Pelletier’s art has us thinking twice. The dark Hedgehog fits perfectly in the realistic art style of the movie and would be a great foil for Ben Schwartz’s happy go lucky Sonic.


Do yourself a favour and follow Eman Pelletier on Twitter to hopefully see more Sonic concept art get posted!

What do you think? Will Shadow be in the Sonic The Movie 2?

Is Digimon Last Evolution Getting An English Dub?

Digimon Adventure Last Evolution: Kizuna is weeks away from premiering in the Western World via Fathom Events’ subtitled movie screenings. But one question fans who grew up with the English voices of Joshua Seth, Jeff Nimoy and the like are dying to know is, will Last Evolution have an English Dub?

As of now the answer is, unfortunately, looking like a no. The last time Fathom Events brought Digimon to the big screens with Digimon Adventure Tri, they brought along a new dub that featured a large portion of the original Fox Kids English cast. The fact that Fathom Events is again bringing us Digimon, but this time subtitled only, does not bode well for fans who grew up with Tai, Matt, T.K., Kari, and the others.

Furthermore, the English voice of Tai recently addressed the question of whether he had heard about a dub or would be reprising his role for the latest Digimon movie.

“As of now, no one from the studio has asked me,” Seth wrote on Twitter. “But I’m hoping that they will. There’s still time.” It’s been over three months since Seth wrote this tweet, and neither he nor the studio have provided an update on the existence of an English dub.

With how much of a role childhood nostalgia seems to be playing in the movie, it’ll be a pretty crushing loss to many fans to not have the nostalgic voices from their childhood bringing these characters to life.

As Joshua Seth mentions in his tweet, however, “There’s still time.” while there’s nothing official, we shouldn’t give up hope that after the Fathom Events release, Toei Animation might double dip on the English speaking market and put together a dub.

If news breaks about a Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna English Dub, we’ll update you here!

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