Nintendo Announces New Bakugan Switch Game for Some Reason

The masters of disappointing overexcited fans are back with a baffling surprise!

After a drought of new game announcements and information, Nintendo has finally broken their silence. Today, July 2, 2020, a new game for the Nintendo Switch developed by WayForward, the makers of the Shantae series, was announced via a Nintendo Treehouse Livestream!

Introducing… Bakugan: Champions Vestroia. Oh.

Striking while the iron is frozen solid.

As you no doubt already know, Bakugan is a strategy (?) game where players use small spherical toys (the Bakugan themselves) that pop open to transform into tiny characters. I think you use them to battle each other and cards are possibly involved. Maybe there’s points? No one knows. Like Mousetrap or Operation, no child has ever actually played the full game, instead opting to play with the toy once, get bored, and put it away forever.

The Bakugan toys spawned an anime series that no one watched in 2007 and a few video games no one played from 2009 to 2011. The anime series has since been rebooted several times over the years, so evidently someone has to be watching these things.

Personally I can’t wait for the inevitable Smash Bros x Bakugan Mii Costume

The trailer showcases players building their team of Bakugan, (Bakugans? Bakugen?) battling online or solo, and that’s all Bakugan is so that’s it. Why this game didn’t receive a full 40-minute-long deep dive Nintendo Direct is anyone’s guess.

With this announcement, the Nintendo holiday lineup is on a roll (like Bakugan!) and we can’t wait to see more games like this soon. Maybe a Beyblade game by Next Level Games, or KerPlunk by MercurySteam.

Players can pop their balls in Bakugan: Champions Vestroia on November 3, 2020, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch!

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Dodo Airlines to lay off fifty percent of staff amid pandemic-related flight cancellations

Dodo Airlines will temporarily lay off 50% of employees starting this week as the airline struggles with fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. The island-based airlines told Nook News that the reorganization will primarily affect front line workers.

For weeks, Dodo Airline locations across multiple island villages have seen empty airports full of vacant seats, with at most one villager per island opting to use the company’s services.

“To say goodbye to such a large proportion of our employees is a painful decision but one we are required to take,” said pilot and sole remaining employee Wilbur in a press release sent to villagers’ mailboxes.

animal-crossing-dodo-airlines-airport.jpegDodo Airlines’ parent company, Nintendo, is expected to to patch Orville, the Senior Operations and Administrative Manager, out of Animal Crossing: New Horizons in a future update. Wilbur will temporarily assume responsibility for administrative work as well as piloting all aircrafts.

“I think I get the gist of it,” Wilbur told Nook News. “I ask where they want to go, I tell them if they have a Nook Miles ticket on file, then I frantically slam on the computer keyboard, right?”

Wilbur also added he’s optimistic that this period will expose some redundancies in the Dodo Airline processes. “I noticed Orville always asks our customers to connect to the internet *after* they arrive. Why don’t we just assume they already want to connect *before* they arrive? Seems like a waste of time for everyone…”

We were able to speak with a former employee who wished to remain anonymous. The unnamed individual told us that they’re unconvinced the pandemic was the only cause for the layoff. “I think Wilbur just wanted me gone and this was a convenient excuse.”


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The Invisible Man Killed One of Us (No Cats in This One Though)

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Did You Catch These Mega Man Easter Eggs in the Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo?

Did you spot these references to the Blue Bomber in the Resident Evil 3 Remake demo?

The latest anticipated remake in the Resident Evil series has a new demo available in PlayStation and Xbox stores now. But amidst all the zombies, flaming cars, and general Raccoon City mayhem, there’s a few fun Easter eggs for fans to find if they keep their eyes peeled.

The first is a poster for an upcoming science forum posted just outside the subway car Jill starts in at the beginning of the demo:


The forum presents the question “Will robots surpass humanity?”, a hint towards the robotic future seen in Capcom’s prolific series Mega Man. But closer inspection reveals the two scientists hosting the debate are listed as Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, Mega Man’s father figure and arch nemesis respectively. The date listed, October 24-25, 1998 hold no real significance to the Mega Man series itself, although 1998 was the year that Mega Man & Bass was released on the Super Famicom in Japan.

But that’s not all. Mega Man himself makes an appearance at the “Toy Uncle” store, but not in the way you might expect him…

A Mega Man action figure can be seen for sale sporting his infamous blue and yellow jumpsuit from the original NES release of Mega Man 1. He even comes complete with an equally embarrassing catchphrase “It’s time to get Mega, Man!”

While that’s all the Mega Man references we were able to find, that doesn’t mean that’s the only Easter eggs the developers sneaked into this demo. There’s no telling if these references make it into the full release, or if there’ll be even more nods to famous Capcom series to find when the game comes out in April.

Let us know if you were able to find more Easter eggs in the comments!

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