Catch All The Feels In ‘Lonesomes’

Imagine a fantasy world where your most private emotions manifest themselves as magical creatures.

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Batman v Superman: Second Opinion

We’re not done with this movie yet! Evan and John take their spoiler-filled stab at the polarizing beginning to the DC cinematic universe before eventually rambling about… arm wrestling? This movie will do that to you.

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‘Toronto Comics Anthology’ Kickstarter Aims to Showcase Local Artists

By: Corey van den Hoogenband

Toronto can be a crazy, cartoonish city to live in at times, what with the annual pillow fights, cosplay beach parties, zombie walks and the like. But for those looking to go even farther down the rabbit hole, some of the most talented local comic creators are uniting to present you an anthology of fantastical stories set in and inspired by our fair city.

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Batman: Bad Blood Review – Now We Got Problems

Another year, another straight-to-video animated Batman film. With so many in recent years, from the dreadful Batman and Son to the more original Assault on Arkham, Batman: Bad Blood manages to fall right in the middle, and may be indicative of these movies as a whole with its mediocrity.

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