Is The Lighthouse Crazier Than CATS? (The Lighthouse and CATS Podcast Reviews)

We’ve got another jellicle podcast where we talk about which 2019 movie drove us crazier, The Lighthouse or CATS!


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Is Digimon Adventure: 2020 Reboot Getting An English Dub?

The 2020 remake of Digimon Adventure: is officially here, at least for Japanese viewers and those who watch with English subtitles. But one question fans who grew up with the English voices of Joshua Seth, Jeff Nimoy and the like are dying to know is, will there be an English Dub of Digimon Adventure: 2020? Continue reading “Is Digimon Adventure: 2020 Reboot Getting An English Dub?”

The Invisible Man Killed One of Us (No Cats in This One Though)

This week we’re watching The Invisible Man and NOT Cats. Absolutely no Cats this week, sorry everybody. Also John dies in this one so look forward to that!

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First Look at Shadow The Hedgehog In Sonic Movie Sequel Art Style

We now know what Shadow The Hedgehog will look like in the Sonic The Hedgehog movie sequel, thanks to a character artist’s amazing work.

Last week, character artist Eman Pelletier took to Twitter to share a take on Shadow The Hedgehog in the 2020 movie style. “I wanted to try my hand at what Shadow might look like in the Sonic Movie Style,” the artist wrote. Feast your eyes on the full piece below:


The piece aims to connect itself with the established movie art style, even using a riff on the first movie’s logo for the “Shadow The Hedgehog” font. Shadow looks edgier than ever, ready to take on or team up with Sonic in a movie sequel.

We previously wrote about why we don’t think Shadow will be in the Sonic Movie sequel, but seeing Pelletier’s art has us thinking twice. The dark Hedgehog fits perfectly in the realistic art style of the movie and would be a great foil for Ben Schwartz’s happy go lucky Sonic.


Do yourself a favour and follow Eman Pelletier on Twitter to hopefully see more Sonic concept art get posted!

What do you think? Will Shadow be in the Sonic The Movie 2?

Is Digimon Last Evolution Getting An English Dub?

Digimon Adventure Last Evolution: Kizuna is weeks away from premiering in the Western World via Fathom Events’ subtitled movie screenings. But one question fans who grew up with the English voices of Joshua Seth, Jeff Nimoy and the like are dying to know is, will Last Evolution have an English Dub?

As of now the answer is, unfortunately, looking like a no. The last time Fathom Events brought Digimon to the big screens with Digimon Adventure Tri, they brought along a new dub that featured a large portion of the original Fox Kids English cast. The fact that Fathom Events is again bringing us Digimon, but this time subtitled only, does not bode well for fans who grew up with Tai, Matt, T.K., Kari, and the others.

Furthermore, the English voice of Tai recently addressed the question of whether he had heard about a dub or would be reprising his role for the latest Digimon movie.

“As of now, no one from the studio has asked me,” Seth wrote on Twitter. “But I’m hoping that they will. There’s still time.” It’s been over three months since Seth wrote this tweet, and neither he nor the studio have provided an update on the existence of an English dub.

With how much of a role childhood nostalgia seems to be playing in the movie, it’ll be a pretty crushing loss to many fans to not have the nostalgic voices from their childhood bringing these characters to life.

As Joshua Seth mentions in his tweet, however, “There’s still time.” while there’s nothing official, we shouldn’t give up hope that after the Fathom Events release, Toei Animation might double dip on the English speaking market and put together a dub.

If news breaks about a Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna English Dub, we’ll update you here!

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My Hero Academia Heroes Rising MINDBLOWING Reveal: Why THAT Character Matters

WARNING: Spoilers for My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Below. 

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising very quietly brings up a question that could possibly change everything we know about My Hero Academia. In the film, a character who up until now was only seen once and thought to have been a completely unimportant character is shown to be working with Tomura Shigaraki and The League Of Villains.

I am speaking about the doctor who diagnosed a young Izuku Midoriya as quirkless.

user uploaded image

In the film, this very same doctor is seen experimenting on the main villain, Nine, on behalf of the League Of Villains. The experiments include the taking and giving of super powers, or quirks as they’re known as in the MHA universe.

In the first episode of the anime, this mysterious doctor told a young Deku and his mom that Midoriya had no powers. Was this a lie? Does Deku secretly have his own quirk besides One For All? What if Deku had a quirk that the Doctor stole during Deku’s examination? And if either of these are true…why? Could this Doctor be the true mastermind above Tomura and above All For One?!

This rocks everything we know about My Hero Academia to its core. Not only narratively but thematically: the notion that everyone can be a hero even if they weren’t born great is what attracts and inspires so many fans. The idea that a potential retcon is coming, that Deku secretly had a quirk of his own all along, could upset some fans who liked that the main hero is someone who isn’t special.

On the other hand, if the series wanted to maintain the notion that “even those without amazing powers can be special” sentiment, they could try to say that actually, it’s not quite true that 20% of people are born quirkless. Instead, they could say that common knowledge was wrong, and that 20% of people have quirks that aren’t easily observable. For example, you could have a quirk that let you breathe in space, but you’d never discover or be able to confirm it unless you were thrown into the vacuum of space.

Maybe the show’s core message could evolve slightly to be “everyone has the potential to be amazing, even if their talent isn’t super obvious.” After all, that seems to be message the show wanted to communicate with Mirio Togata; he’s the walking embodiment of turning a strange skill into something great.

Without spoiling anything, manga readers who are ahead of the show are also currently spinning their own theories asking the same questions about the Doctor that us anime only fans who just watched Heroes Rising are. This Doctor has a role to play in the world of My Hero Academia that we are eager to discover.

Tell Us What You Think About The Mysterious Doctor And Share This With Your Anime Loving Friends!


Who Will Be In The Sonic Movie Sequel: Knuckles, Tails, And More

The Sonic The Hedgehog movie quickly became a hit this February, racing towards a box office of over 200 million with a budget of approximately 95 million. With the success it’s found, it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing a sequel to the Sonic movie, one that is likely to expand on the world of Sonic and introduce more of the Hedgehog’s buddies from the games. Here are the characters fans can assume to see in Sonic The Hedgehog 2, and the likeliness of each one:

TAILS – Likeliness: Almost Certain


Just like how Sonic 2 on the Sega Genesis introduced the world to Tails, so too will the movie. Based on Sonic The Hedgehog’s post credits scene, there’s no doubt in our minds that Tails will be in the sequel film.

DR. ROBOTNIK – Likeliness: Almost Certain

Will Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik be back in Sonic The Hedgehog 2? He is a huge Hollywood superstar after all, and no one knows the nature of his contract or whether he’ll want to come back to the role. However, you don’t just set up a villain to then never return: Carrey’s bald and mustachio’d Robotnik is down but not out at the end of Sonic 1, and we don’t expect him to throw in the towel. Expect to see Robotnik return for revenge.

KNUCKLES – Likeliness: Very Likely

Observant Sonic fans will probably have noted a similarity between the creatures chasing Sonic at the beginning of the movie and everyone’s favorite echidna. While it’s not confirmed that those hunters were the Echidnas, it seems like as good a tease as any.

METAL SONIC – Likeliness: Possible

If we’re following the video games as a blueprint, Metal Sonic has a chance of being in the Sonic movie sequel as Dr. Robotnik’s secret weapon. In the first movie, the doctor utilized the power in Sonic’s hair to create his own super fast machine; this almost felt like a nod to Metal Sonic. If you recall Robotnik’s final scene in the film, he still had Sonic’s hair in a vile, so his second attempt at a Sonic-powered machine just may be Metal Sonic.

SHADOW – Likeliness: Unlikely But Possible

Will Shadow be in the Sonic movie sequel? This is an interesting one. If we again use the games as a blueprint, Shadow didn’t appear in Sonic lore until about 10 years into the franchise; in other words, there’s a ton of ground to cover and villains to face before the Edgehog makes his debut.

AMY ROSE – Likeliness: Unlikely But Possible

Will Sonic’s biggest fan Amy be in the Sonic Movie sequel? Frankly, this one is anyone’s guess. Ultimately there has been no indication that there are other Hedgehog characters out there. If you believe the Tails tease at the end of the first film was meant to suggest the sequel will have more CG characters then it’s possible, but it could just be Tails we see.

SUPER SONIC – Likeliness: Very Possible

If Sonic returns to his world in the second movie, there’s a chance we’ll see the Chaos Emeralds. And if we see the Chaos Emeralds, Super Sonic can’t be far behind. Sonic’s last minute power-up in the first movie’s finale almost felt like a nod to Super Sonic, and if the filmmakers want to up the ante in the sequel, Sonic will need a new transformation (this is what we call the Dragon Ball problem).


The Worst (and Most Disappointing) Horror Movies Ever

Just in time for Halloween… Let’s ruin Halloween! We’re recounting our worst and most disappointing horror movies ever. Let’s end this Spooktober not with a bang, but with bad feelings.
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